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also wil·ful  (wĭl′fəl)
1. Said or done on purpose; deliberate: willful disregard of the rules. See Synonyms at voluntary.
2. Obstinately bent on having one's own way: exasperated by his willful child.

will′ful·ly adv.
will′ful·ness n.
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Adv.1.willfully - in a willful manner; "she had willfully deceived me"
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also wilfully
Of one's own free will:
Idioms: of one's own accord, on one's own volition.
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"That's just what I say," she said, willfully refusing to see the irony of his tone, and quietly turning back her long, perfumed glove.
"And yours, "he replied with a smile, "is willfully to misunderstand them."
"Oh, yes; you are to be arrested for willfully breaking one of the Laws of Oz."
He was also charged that on November 9 the same year, he willfully executed a contract with Leilan Enterprises Ltd for the supply of the 5,000 bags, yet the company was not qualified
The Northern District of Texas jury found that Dali Wireless willfully infringed each of the five asserted CommScope patents, finding that both Dali's t-Series and Matrix products infringe each of CommScope's five patents.
David failed to submit the ITR willfully. The court said willfulness is a state of mind, done intentionally and voluntarily to violate a law.
It may be mentioned here that the petitions said Dua Fatima (Samrin) and Ghulam Ayesha (Priya Kumari) married to Afaq Ali and Ali Murrad, respectively, and converted to Islam willfully.
N84, Laws of the Federation, 2004, Abiodun, who obtained a University Degree or its equivalent at age 30 and below cannot willfully conceal and/or refuse to disclose in his FORM CF 001 his university qualification for the purpose of evading the consequences of the Acts.
It further accused the lawmaker of 'willfully and deliberately' skipping the Punjab CM's polls, and cited media reports to claim that she might be leaving the PML-N to join an opposing political party.
The Michigan Supreme Court has agreed that a woman was not "willfully absent" from her husband, despite not living together for more than 35 years.
In a memorandum dated May 30, the FCC found that "Licensee apparently has willfully and repeatedly operated the Station at variance from its license without Commission authorization in violation of Section 301 of the Act and Section 73.1745(a) of the Rules; willfully failed to timely file for special temporary authorization to operate with its nonconforming technical facilities in violation of Section 73.1635(a)(1) of the Rules; and willfully failed to disclose material information regarding the unauthorized operations in violation of Section 1.17 of the Rules."