References in classic literature ?
Then for the first time he was conscious of a sense of the supernatural and drove home as rapidly as his willing horse would go.
"But yes, he's a very nice willing horse and very easy to ride."
It was a good ride by Danny, but it helped he had a willing horse.
I have friends, but I suspect they only want to know me because I am always the willing horse.
"But he's a willing horse. If I said `Hamilton, run through that brick wall,' then he would try and do it."
Instantly, the vehicle goes from being an unguided missile to a willing horse.
He is a very willing horse, who has never let us down.
Carson was a hard man to beat on a willing horse, however, and in a ding-dong battle up the straight he got the better of old foe Lester Piggott on the dual Arc winner to score by a length and a half.
Andrew Flintoff's employers seem ready to pull the trigger on the most willing horse of all, if the goings on at Lord's on Saturday are anything to go by.
"I'm able to get the work into him when I want and he's a very willing horse who enjoys his work, which is a huge help.
"He is certainly a character to ride and takes a bit of knowing, but he's a very willing horse. He might run a little bit lazily now and again, or need a bit of cajoling, but he definitely has a great will to win.
"But you never say never for there could come another time when the club are short and they will be scuttling around to find a willing horse.