wilt disease

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Noun1.wilt disease - any plant disease characterized by drooping and shrivelingwilt disease - any plant disease characterized by drooping and shriveling; usually caused by parasites attacking the roots
plant disease - a disease that affects plants
granville wilt - a bacterial wilt of tobacco plants
fusarium wilt - wilt caused by fungi of the genus Fusarium
verticilliosis - wilt caused by fungi of the genus Verticillium
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Shen Z, Ruan Y, Xue C, Zhong S, Li R, Shen Q (2015) Soils naturally suppressive to banana Fusarium wilt disease harbor unique bacterial communities.
Reaction of Wood decay fungi particular bird's nest fungi on Fusarium and bacteria wilt disease of tomato.
Xyleborus volvulus is a polyphagous beetle that can carry Raffaelea lauricola, a phytopathogenic fungus that causes laurel wilt disease. In Mexico, the insect has been associated with damage to cedar, cacao, and avocado plantations.
Hayward (2005).Bacterial Wilt Disease and the Ralstonia solanacearum Species Complex.
However, seasonal changing pattern, substitutes to pigeon pea, unorganized sector, price fluctuation, high-quality standards, and the threat from pathogens such as fusarium wilt disease, & pests that attack crops are the foremost production constraints which may further hamper the growth of pigeon pea market in near future.The pigeon pea market has been classified on the basis of the price range, form and distribution channel.
-Irene MugoScientists find banana varieties resistant to bacterial wiltA team led by scientists from the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) have announced a breakthrough in the search for banana varieties that are resistant to the lethal bacterial wilt disease.
All the treatments had bacterial wilt symptoms however; compared to the controls the microbial inoculated treatments and the organic amendments were effective in reducing bacterial wilt disease (Figure 2).
But success wouldn't last long.The tomatoes were attacked by a deadly fungal and wilt disease that drastically reduced production.
Initial recording data for fusarium wilt disease incidence was done when wilting symptoms were visible on the three to five basal leaves of the plants.
The search for a variety that is resistant to the very aggressive Tropical Race 4 (TR4) Fusarium Wilt disease that has been affecting the old Giant Cavendish and Williams varieties has been continuing since 2005, and the most promising result so far has been the GCTCV 218, a tissue culture variant from Taiwan.
The Cavendish may now be facing a same fate as a strain of the Fusarium wilt disease has been damaging plants in parts of Asia and Mozambique.