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intr.v. winced, winc·ing, winc·es
To shrink or start involuntarily, as in pain or distress; flinch.
A shrinking or startled movement or gesture.

[Middle English wincen, to kick, from Old North French *wencier, variant of Old French guencir, of Germanic origin.]

winc′er n.
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Hebden Bridge artist Richard Wincer is perhaps best known for his figurative paintings and landscapes of the Calder Valley.
14) Eventually, with the help of Simon Wincer (another notable director and producer emerging out of the Crawford stable, who would go on to make Phar Lap in 1983), Michael Edgley was recruited as co-executive producer.
Bobby Wincer was the pick of the bowlers for Lancashire with 3-28.
WINDSOR WINCER Duchess ducks as the ball flies past her head
This modestly rendered biopic directed by Simon Wincer, who co-wrote the script with Eric O'Keefe, gets too bogged down in the details to ever fully capture the pathos and pain that marked Damien's remarkable journey.
Director Simon Wincer (Free Willy, Phar Lap, Lonesome Dove and Into the West) brings to the screen this drama that centres on events surrounding the iconic annual Melbourne Cup horse race which is truly "the race that stops a nation".
Now consisting of two members of their original line-up due to the death from cancer of singer Jez Bird in 2008 and bass player Mark Ellis' move to the States, itwas left tofounder musicians - guitarist-turned-frontman Sanders and drummer Paul Wincer to take up the challenge, joined by bassist Chris Venzi-James and Philip Edwards on guitar.
Gillespie of Uxbridge; a brother, Charles Gillespie and his wife, Martha of Cape Cod and Florida; three sisters, Mary Wincer and her husband, Chuck of Millbury, Peggy Sciascia who was a great source of comfort and her husband, John of Auburn who walked every step of the way with him, Shirley Fenner of Worcester; five grandchildren, Jonathan and Jared Robert both of Uxbridge, Brayden, Camden and Daylen Gillespie of Worcester and several nieces and nephews.
DIRECTOR Simon Wincer yesterday spoke of his passion for racing as he prepares to start filming for The Cup, a movie about Media Puzzle and jockey Damien Oliver's journey to Melbourne Cup victory in 2002.
Carolyn Wincer, head of astronaut sales at Virgin Galactic, told delegates that selling space trips was "similar to selling expensive holidays, private jets and expensive cars".
Tambien compuso la cancion y realizo el video del largometraje Liberen a Willy (1993), de Simon Wincer, sobre una orca confinada ena un parque acuatico demasiado estrecho.