wind forward


w>wind forward

vt sep filmweiterspulen
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Wind forward a number of centuries and the battle is subject of many re-enactments, but none stand out quite so much as that which took place on this day 33 years ago.
"Wind forward to 2017 and our region is a standout economic success story, leading the way in job creation, business start-ups, exports and inward investment.
Wind forward a year and that alarming record has been smashed with a product called Grace Duo that contains 18% hydroquinone.
Wind forward a couple of years and City are still trying - without any real conviction so far - to win Pellegrini a title in his last year in charge.
"Wind forward to 2016 and the list of names is so much bigger now -- the consulting firms, the accountancy giants, the software companies and so on.
Wind forward more than twenty years and, during 2007, Rick Medlock quite by chance met up with Nick Rowbotham.
Wind forward just over one month and it's a completely different story.
Wind forward a thousand years and, in effect, we feast every day.
Wind forward several weeks, back across the Channel, and the reaction from the Brits as the Soul underwent its UK test was equally enthusiastic.