wind plant

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wind′ plant`

an apparatus for converting the force of wind on blades or a rotor into electricity.
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50MW wind plant, which will be located in Tafileh, some 180km southwest of Amman, will be implemented by the Korea Southern Power Company Ltd.
The wind plant is to be built at Dumat Al Jandal city in northwestern Saudi Arabia, a region where state-owned Saudi Aramco installed a single wind turbine in January 2017.
This allows the wind plant to sell energy at a competitive price to the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company.
Location: Work place 18mw wind plant bagalkot / koppal dist
09/04/2019 16:01, TUNIS/Tunisia (TAP) -- Seventeen wind turbines, out of 143, of the Metline-Kchabta wind plant that was created in 2012, are broken down and are in a total shutdown state since 2015, without the intervention of the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG) to repair them.
The average annual generation from the wind plant is expected to be around 1.4 TWh.
Atlantica Yield announced the closing of the acquisition of Melowind, a 50 megawatt, or MW, on-shore wind plant in Uruguay, from Enel Green Power.
PERC's robust performance for the first nine months of 2018 is due to additional revenues from MGI's 12-megawatts Maibarara-2 geothermal plant, a 52-percent increase in net income from PWEI's 36-MW Nabas-1 wind plant due to strong winds in the third quarter and a 30-percent increase in crude oil revenues due to rise in global oil prices during the period.
The company, in parallel, has indicated that its 36MW wind plant in Nabas, Aklan is up for expansion, adding that its corporate vehicle PetroWind Energy Inc.
With renewable prices becoming competitive, driven by both demand and R and D, the report underlines that 'the resulting intense price competition is challenging for both wind plant developers and wind turbine manufacturers.
The investor presentation describes the company's "in-kind" investment plan, including its 2017 investments of USD 2.5 million in wind plant optimization software, clean hydrogen, HVAC, automated sense & avoid software for drones and machine intelligence systems.
Professor Mahesh Bandi, head of the Collective Interactions Unit at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) has used turbulence theory combined with experimental wind plant data to explain the statistical nature of wind power fluctuations in a single-author paper published in Physical Review Letters.