wind plant

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wind′ plant`

an apparatus for converting the force of wind on blades or a rotor into electricity.
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5 million in wind plant optimization software, clean hydrogen, HVAC, automated sense & avoid software for drones and machine intelligence systems.
Professor Mahesh Bandi, head of the Collective Interactions Unit at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) has used turbulence theory combined with experimental wind plant data to explain the statistical nature of wind power fluctuations in a single-author paper published in Physical Review Letters.
27 HPPs and one wind plant, with a total installed capacity of 1,873MW and estimated investment value of US$ 3.
The reckoned commercial operation date of the Nabas wind plant was June 10, 2015 - based also on the stamped endorsement of the Department of Energy.
The wind plant power data were independent of the data assimilation process.
A NEWLY opened offshore wind plant has won a second larger contract to make turbine parts - in a move that will help secure the future for hundreds of new jobs on Teesside.
In 2016, Access will also launch a 50-megawatt solar and heavy fuel oil hybrid plant in Benin and a 200-megawatt solar and wind plant in Egypt.
He said te company plans to install a wind plant with a bilateral agreement to supply electricity to the distributor DELSUR.
Plans are in place for an 80-90MW wind plant in Fujeij, near Wadi Musa, and wind turbine stations at al-Harir, Ma'an and Wadi Araba to produce 300-400MW of electricity.
We installed a hybrid solar and wind plant in Issyk-Kul region in 2 remote places 2 years ago with Korean partners: at a local farm and at mountain research station.
This equates to enhanced wind farm energy capture and further improves wind plant performance, industry-wide.
SWiFT can have up to 10 wind turbines and is specifically designed to investigate improving wind plant performance.