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Noun1.wind sock - a truncated cloth cone mounted on a mastwind sock - a truncated cloth cone mounted on a mast; used (e.g., at airports) to show the direction of the wind
visual signal - a signal that involves visual communication
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Tenders are invited for Ar mo runway painting at arc doom dooma during 2017-18 sh repair reconstruction of cemented base for wind sock mdb shed and hrdf area of atc airwing at arc doom dooma .
A Weather cock B Mercury barometer C Wind sock D Torricelli meter 2.
Dorman Museum There's a whole host of far eastern inspired activities going on Middlesbrough's Dorman Museum from making a Koi Carp wind sock today, Wednesday August 2, to creating a Japanese lantern on Friday, August 4.
A lopping wind sock on a rusty staff does not lift a grommet, does
or pressing someone on a special nerve on their body that makes them shudder to pieces, or tickling someone gently behind the ear to gain their trust then Karate chopping them, or reaching in someone's throat, pulling out their spinal cord and watching them flop about like a wind sock.
This can be a problem when crosswind is a factor and there is no tower or wind sock at the airfield.
Red, White and Blue Drop-in Craft In honor of Memorial Day, stop by and make your own festive wind sock.
As a colleague of mine joked, we wouldn't have been surprised to see a microphone accessory manufacturer touting its OTT wind sock.
They were pneumatic lozenges of smoke, stretching laterally from two chimneys like inflatable pennants or an airfield's wind sock in a steady breeze blowing across a humble village over which chimneys rise.
Children make the most of the fun to be had at St Blazey, Cornwall where flooding cut the village off - while others pondered the cost of the damage A nearhorizontal wind sock graphically emphasises the danger from high winds in tricky driving conditions on the M4 at Margam A driver braves the aptly named Marsh Road in Gowerton near Swansea Workmen try to clear a drain at St Blazey, Cornwall.
The new shop was designed to look like a Second World War aircraft control tower and had a wind sock flying from the roof.
Lacking a wind sock, tree tops, vegetation like tall grass or weeds and even birds in flight provide other hints at the wind conditions, even if these telltale signs lack objective specifics like velocity.