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or wind-borne  (wĭnd′bôrn′)
Carried by the wind: windborne ashes.


(Botany) (esp of plant seeds or pollen) transported by wind



carried by the wind, as pollen or seed.
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Much of the damage, he said, had come from vegetation or wind-borne debris hitting power lines.
- Insured physical damage to property (residential, commercial, industrial, auto), both structures and their contents from winds, wind-borne debris and storm surge
Experiences from the 2017 Santa Rosa region fires have also highlighted the vulnerability of urban regions outside of defined wildland-urban interface zones, including densely populated residential and commercial developments, to wind-borne embers flying long distances.
Wind-borne radiation could affect major cities: after all, radiation from distant Chernobyl affected 327 Welsh farms from 1986 to 2012.
Stay away from outside windows and walls as they may be penetrated by high speed, wind-borne debris.
However, the juniper may be away from your garden as the spores are wind-borne.
Cherokee Nation is proposing one stand-alone 1300 square foot storm safe facility with restroom facilities designed and constructed to withstand extreme winds and the impact of wind-borne debris during tornadoes or other extreme-wind events.
Since then, the disease has made its way across the UK via wind-borne spores, with few areas left unaffected.
The high density of fluorine atoms in PVDF provides excellent resistance to degradation by UV radiation, chemical and airborne pollution, severe weather, and environmental conditions such as salt spray or wind-borne sand.
Minesto's Deep Green device was inspired by the relatively strong forces that a wind-borne kite exerts on the arms of the person holding the cord.
This minimizes air exchange, accentuating the effects of wind-borne pollution, and of exterior humidity and abrupt temperature changes.
They chase the wind-borne hat across Trafalgar Square.