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1. A large square-rigged cargo ship.
2. A large, usually schooner-rigged sailing vessel that takes passengers for cruises.

wind′jam′ming n.


1. (Nautical Terms) a large merchant sailing ship
2. (Clothing & Fashion) another name for windcheater


(ˈwɪndˌdʒæm ər, ˈwɪn-)

any large sailing ship.
[1890–95, Amer.]
wind′jam`ming, n.
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Noun1.windjammer - a large sailing shipwindjammer - a large sailing ship      
sailing ship, sailing vessel - a vessel that is powered by the wind; often having several masts


[ˈwɪndˌdʒæməʳ] Nbuque m de vela (grande y veloz)


nWindjammer m
References in classic literature ?
It chanced, some time ago, that I made a voyage of one hundred and forty-eight days in a windjammer around the Horn.
In the little harbour came tramps from Spain and the Levant, ships of small tonnage; and now and then a windjammer was borne in by the winds of romance.
But I am mate, now, and when I pay off at 'Frisco, maybe with five hundred dollars, I will ship myself on a windjammer round the Horn to Liverpool, which will give me more money; and then I will pay my passage from there home.
Antares Capital has announced that it is serving as administrative agent, joint lead arranger and joint bookrunner of senior secured credit facilities to support the acquisition of Advanced Instruments by Windjammer Capital Investors, the company said.
19 October 2016 - US-based mid-market investment bank Lincoln International represented US-based private equity firm Evolve Capital's portfolio company, Mission Critical Electronics, in its sale to Windjammer Capital Investors, the company said.
has purchased 100 percent of equity interests in Windjammer Holdings, Inc.
An exciting bronze sculpture gifted to the Australian National Maritime Museum to honour the contribution made by windjammer sailors to Australia will be unveiled on Wednesday 27th April, at Wharf 7, Pyrmont Plaza.
Apart from appearing some years ago in the TV programme, The Onedin Line, the Christian Radich was more famous for being the sail training vessel in the film Windjammer, a Cinemiracle/Cinerama presentation.
com to create an eye catching online presentation for his Windjammer invention.
Windjammer Landing Hotel A CHARMING maze of villas and rooms overlooking Labrelotte Bay in the north of the island, Windjammer Landing is one of the most attractive in the whole Caribbean and brings guests back year after year.
2012 the 5-star Windjammer Sea Cloud II will visit Costa Rica for the first time.
The windjammer Viking pictured arriving in Cardiff, from the South Wales Echo of June 19, 1939