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also win·dow dress·ing (wĭn′dō-drĕs′ĭng)
a. Decorative exhibition of retail merchandise in store windows.
b. Goods and trimmings used in such displays.
2. A means of improving appearances or creating a falsely favorable impression: "The realignment ... may be more window dressing than a substantive change in how the company does business" (Connie Guglielmo).

win′dow-dress′er n.
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1. (Commerce) the ornamentation of shop windows, designed to attract customers
2. the pleasant, showy, or false aspect of an idea, policy, etc, which is stressed to conceal the real or unpleasant nature; façade
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also window dressing
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(ˈwindəu) noun
an opening in the wall of a building etc which is fitted with a frame of wood, metal etc containing glass or similar material, that can be seen through and usually opened. I saw her through the window; Open/Close the window; goods displayed in a shop-window.
ˈwindow-box noun
a box on a window-ledge, in which plants may be grown.
ˈwindow-dressing noun
the arranging of goods in a shop window.
ˈwindow-dresser noun
ˈwindow-frame noun
the wooden or metal frame of a window.
ˈwindow-ledge noun
a ledge at the bottom of a window (usually on the outside).
ˈwindow-pane noun
one of the sheets of glass in a window.
ˈwindow-shopping noun
looking at things in shop windows, but not actually buying anything.
ˈwindow-sill noun
a ledge at the bottom of a window (inside or outside).
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The experienced lawmaker decried what he described as 'over three years of inactivity masked with deliberate falsehood and window-dressing by the APC federal government', called on the people to vote out the APC during the polls.
'With strong economic data readings from the biggest market, Philippine shares traded cautiously higher to kick-start some early window-dressing even as investors questioned the growth sustainability of the (US) economy,' said Luis Limlingan, managing director at Regina Capital.
Ending the practice of presenting suspects before the media will be viewed as "cynical, self-serving window-dressing" if the Philippine National Police will not end abuses attending the government's war on drugs, an international human rights watchdog said.
Moving forward, Limlingan said participants can expect a sideways trade leading up to the first window-dressing of the month.
Every time "parent" was mentioned in a law, I examined it in the context in which it was mentioned and categorized it into one of four categories: legal, window-dressing, rights, and responsibilities.
Meanwhile, up in Oregon, Design Week Portland offers a broader scope, going beyond architecture and interiors to product, graphic, and retail design--check out the window-dressing competition on October 6.
That she's donating PS2 from every sale of her book to Help for Heroes is window-dressing.
But last night, the ideas were blasted as a "laughable window-dressing exercise" by school governor, Huw Hilditch-Roberts who was so incensed, he now wants to stand for council.
Summary: Lord Sugar has called George Osborne's decision to impose Air Passenger Duty on private jets a "window-dressing publicity stunt".
One Hamas leader said: "We want a real lifting of the siege, not window-dressing."
The two former executives are suspected of being responsible for window-dressing the company's earnings report for the year ended in June 2006 when it reported sales of 77.2 billion yen and a pretax profit of 5.7 billion yen.