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intr.v. win·dow-shopped, win·dow-shop·ping, win·dow-shops
To look at merchandise in store windows or showcases without making purchases.

win′dow-shop′per n.
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[ˈwɪndəʊˌʃɒpɪŋ] N to go window-shoppingir a mirar escaparates
I like window-shoppingme gusta mirar escaparates
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[ˈwɪndəʊˌʃɒpɪŋ] n to go window-shoppingandare a vedere le vetrine
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(ˈwindəu) noun
an opening in the wall of a building etc which is fitted with a frame of wood, metal etc containing glass or similar material, that can be seen through and usually opened. I saw her through the window; Open/Close the window; goods displayed in a shop-window.
ˈwindow-box noun
a box on a window-ledge, in which plants may be grown.
ˈwindow-dressing noun
the arranging of goods in a shop window.
ˈwindow-dresser noun
ˈwindow-frame noun
the wooden or metal frame of a window.
ˈwindow-ledge noun
a ledge at the bottom of a window (usually on the outside).
ˈwindow-pane noun
one of the sheets of glass in a window.
ˈwindow-shopping noun
looking at things in shop windows, but not actually buying anything.
ˈwindow-sill noun
a ledge at the bottom of a window (inside or outside).
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During the forum, Stewart shared that she loved the textiles, rattan work, weaves, pearls and metalwork she saw while window-shopping in an all-Filipino department store.
Nellie was also shopping, just window-shopping. She had no money and she was hungry.
SEE what happens when you lose track of time and and end up locked in a shopping mall For DS Formula E driver Sam Bird, the temptation to take the beautiful E-TENSE concept car from DS Automobiles on a window-shopping trip proved too much.
I think many of our voters are still window-shopping their preferences.