windshield wiper

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Noun1.windshield wiper - a mechanical device that cleans the windshieldwindshield wiper - a mechanical device that cleans the windshield
mechanical device - mechanism consisting of a device that works on mechanical principles
automotive vehicle, motor vehicle - a self-propelled wheeled vehicle that does not run on rails
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About precautionary measures, he said the people should maintain reasonable distance from other vehicles, never rush or speed, use caution at all times, adjust defroster and windshield wiper speed as necessary, use fog lights or driving lights, driving lights on low beam and contact NH and MP helpline 130 for guidance about road and weather conditions.
In addition to refueling, Further goods and services are required: Vehicle maintenance, Lubricants, Antifreeze, Windshield wiper fluid, Small material such as bulbs, Windshield wiper blades etc.
com)-- The P/Ns 02313-0501-0001, 02313-0502-0001, 02313-0503-0001 are parts of the UTC Aerospace Systems, Rosemount Aerospace Windshield Wiper Motor Converter Assembly.
The two separate recalls are due to windshield wiper failures.
said that Jiffy Lube service centres will now be offering AIR MILES reward miles to customers for oil changes as well as windshield wiper replacement and windshield wiper fluid purchased with oil changes at participating locations in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
said on Thursday it is recalling new models of the Civic compact car and Odyssey minivan over leaking fuel tanks and faulty windshield wiper rods, respectively.
A MAN of 84 survived five days lost in the desert by drinking windshield wiper fluid from his car.
A broken windshield wiper could leave you stranded, and who wants to wait roadside for AAA--if you even have that service--during a blizzard?
Powered by the Dyson digital motor, two high-velocity sheets of air work like a windshield wiper to scrape water from hands.
In a statement, Ace Hardware noted it has long had in place a restriction in its computerized ordering system that is designed to prevent Ace retailers in certain California counties from purchasing windshield wiper fluid that contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in excess of California-mandated standards.
Stephanie Shannon, who knows from experience working with her dog, Bodo, who once found a car's windshield wiper fluid container stuffed with marijuana.
Cabs come standard with air conditioning, heater/defroster/interior light, windshield wiper, windshield water system and ability to open the cab windows for natural ventilation.