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Noun1.windshield wiper - a mechanical device that cleans the windshieldwindshield wiper - a mechanical device that cleans the windshield
mechanical device - mechanism consisting of a device that works on mechanical principles
automotive vehicle, motor vehicle - a self-propelled wheeled vehicle that does not run on rails
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M2 PRESSWIRE-August 28, 2019-: Aircraft Windshield Wiper System Market 2019 Global Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities and Forecast to 2024
Kincaid police ticketed him for driving on suspended license (suspended March 27 this year), no vehicle insurance, depositing material on the highway (mud thrown from the fender), and no windshield wiper.
According to a research conducted by Michigan University, tracking windshield wiper activity can provide faster, more accurate rainfall data than radar and rain gauge systems currently in place.
An Australian woman had the misfortune of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere in the scorching Outback, but survived nonetheless with her meager supplies, some windshield wiper water, and pee.
The PowerWiper is an all-season, motorized, computer-controlled windshield wiper system that replaces your windshield wiper.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that it is examining whether General Motors should recall an extra 1.7M SUVs due to windshield wiper failures, Reuters reports.
But methanol is already widely distributed in the Army in the form of windshield wiper fluid.
The vehicle features sporty alloy wheels, ORVMs with integrated turn signal lights, roof rails and smooth character lines running along the sides and rear with LED tail lamps, rear windshield wiper, large well-sculpted tailgate with the company logo at the centre, and a plastic cladded rear bumper with dual chrome-tipped exhaust pipes.
said that Jiffy Lube service centres will now be offering AIR MILES reward miles to customers for oil changes as well as windshield wiper replacement and windshield wiper fluid purchased with oil changes at participating locations in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
Dubai: There was a time when you might be surprised to find the odd business card promoting a particular massage parlour under your windshield wiper.
Also, make sure the windshield wiper fluid reservoir is full.
The maker of Subaru brand cars is also recalling 195,080 units of two models, 2010-2011 Outback and Legacy vehicles, due to problems with washers in the windshield wiper.