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The old wood-road led him to a clearing, where a dozen acres of grapes grew on wine-red soil.
Follow these with rust, wine-red and tawny-orange blooms of helenium, coneflowers, yarrow, penstemons, sedums, kaffir lilies and crocosmia.
The Get Cheeky With Me All-Day Hydrating Blush, which is available in Hello Kitty (peach powder blush) and My Melody (wine-red).
Dark, wine-red buds open into perfect, 4 to 6" blossoms that are an exquisite shade of lavender-pink on top and wine-red below.
"The dark wine-red leaves of the Japanese maple, Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood', are a stunning partner for the rich golden foliage of Spiraea japonica 'Goldflame'.
Scores of soldiers in fatigues and wine-red berets mixed with flag-waving civilians who came to pay their last respects.
It has a long tail and is about 13cm long, with grey-brown upper parts, a wine-red chest, white belly and red eye-ring.
Clematis 'Abundance' is a great choice with its wine-red flowers and light green leaves.
The commemorative Crown model's exterior is painted wine-red, the keynote color for Toyota dealer shops.
The male has glossy, dark foliage and clusters of tiny, scented, wine-red buds which open white, while the female is clothed in bright, pale green and produces fewer, star-shaped white blooms which are almost as small.
The fall color hadn't quite happened yet, but the tree's leathery, slightly glossy foliage was infused with enough mahogany to suggest what would soon follow: wine-red notes lightened by the tinkling of pink and lavender with a sporadic smattering of yellow.
The wine-red flowers have black centres and reddish-purple anthers.