wing chair

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wing chair

also wing·chair  (wĭng′châr′)
An easy chair with a high back and side panels between the seat and armrests.

wing chair



(Furniture) an easy chair having wings on each side of the back

wing′ chair`

a large upholstered chair having a high back with wings.
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Noun1.wing chair - easy chair having wings on each side of a high backwing chair - easy chair having wings on each side of a high back
easy chair, lounge chair, overstuffed chair - a comfortable upholstered armchair
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Naval updates the classic wing chair using loose rattan weave and wider proportions.
1| Made in North Carolina, the Verellen Paola Wing Chair ($6,315) is certain to be the place where cool conversations are had.
At World Market, a traditional wing chair gets fuchsia velvet upholstery, and there's a Persian-inspired area rug decked out in a vibrant geranium, poppy, tangerine and navy palette.
STRANDMON WING CHAIR Bringing new life to an old favorite.
Presented by Greater Vancouver Wing Chair Sheila Kung and 111 Pegasus Commanding Officer Captain A.
uk; Alexander wing chair in chiaso shark, PS1,617; Pritika cushion, PS61; Mawar wall art (wallpaper) PS29 per metre, Voyage Decoration (for stockists visit voyagedecoration.
uk) | Alexander wing chair in Chiaso Shark, PS1,617; Pritika cushion in Lotus, PS61; Mawar wall art (wallpaper) in Lotus, PS29 per metre, Voyage Decoration (for stockists visit www.
A modern take on the wing chair, Casa provides the comfort of home and is available with a manual or gas spring-assisted mechanism.
Or, for PS776, try the Chesterfield Queen Anne High Back Wing Chair UK Manufactured Antique Oxblood >Mixing traditional features with modern materials can give a simple update to a classic look.
For others, it might be a desk in the local library or a comfy wing chair at their local coffee house and be accessible to all the family.
Rachel Mainwaring picks the best bird print accessories that will bring some music to your home | Children's Wing Chair in Songbird Floral Design: Made for little people wlove to relax, the Children's Wing Chair from Churchfield is given the same atttion to detail as their adult range - witluxury padding, quality wooden frame and 22 designs to choose from for girland boys, from classic to contemporarPrice PS154.