wing shooting

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Noun1.wing shooting - shooting game birds that are flying (on the wing)
shooting - killing someone by gunfire; "when the shooting stopped there were three dead bodies"
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"In our experience, millennials are definitely buying fewer firearms than the previous generations," said Robin Salvo, director of operations at Black Wing Shooting Center in Delaware, Ohio.
Wanting his gun to throw ever-wider patterns to compensate for his lack of wing shooting prowess, he took a hacksaw to the shot-gun's barrels and cut several inches off the ends.
Rex Gore, owner of Black Wing Shooting Center in Delaware, Ohio, explained that being capable with a firearm gives older people "a sense of security and safety....
With the blessing of the ranch owners, Ramsey burned through cases of shotgun shells, and renewed his love of wing shooting.
There is still a little time left in this year's dove season, and late season, already-been-hunted doves rocketing along with the help of a winter tailwind are probably the toughest wing shooting test that will be faced by Florida hunters.
Recently, my good friend Will Norris and I decided to treat ourselves to a weekend of wing shooting and redfishing.
The 712 as well as other CZ-USA models will be featured during his wing shooting clinics.
For most wing shooting, I would install the Cylinder choke in the bottom barrel, the IC up top, carry the Modified choke in my pocket and leave the others at home.
"To assist in the balance department, I use a couple of different things: A tree-stand safety harness attached to the back of my chair that I can lean into without falling forward (works great for trap-shooting), and a chaise lounge similar to the ones you buy to take to the beach (the back is high and can be set to a pretty good angle to all the way flat; excellent for wing shooting of all kinds), or I'll sit on the ground and lean against a tree," Schmitz explains.
This fall and winter, countless chief executives will rise with the dawn, pull on worn leather boots and take to the fields and rushes in pursuit of a variety of game birds in the centuries-old tradition of wing shooting, or hunting birds in flight.
There's the canoe trip down the Allagash River, during which you can follow in the paddle-strokes of Henry David Thoreau (who made the voyage in 1857); introductory and advanced fly-fishing; wing shooting; and outdoor photography (including the popular "Moose Getaway" and "Fall Foliage" weekend courses).