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Adj.1.wing-shaped - having or resembling wingswing-shaped - having or resembling wings    
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
winged - having wings or as if having wings of a specified kind; "the winged feet of Mercury";
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Short wing-shaped mixing sections have been incorporated into twin-screw extruders from various suppliers, including Krauss-Maffei, Japan Steel Works, and Pomini of Italy.
A tiger near a woman wearing a tiger-print skirt might be chasing the rights to his own logo, like the snake slinking near the snakeskin shoes and the butterfly fluttering over the wing-shaped decolletage.
The wing-shaped roof, a characteristic design of Korea's native architecture, will shade two sides of the oval arena to provide protection for 58 percent, or approximately 25,500 seats.
Developed specifically to provide pulsation-free operation in 'low-flow, high-pressure' applications, the Combitude is based on a design concept which uses a stationary, wing-shaped Pitot tube located inside a rotor.
Exterior lines emphasize a sense of solidity and give a sharp, stylish silhouette, while the interior, taking its cue from airliner design, boasts a wing-shaped instrument panel, Toyota said.
With renovations starting at Newark International Airport, a section of the original Art Deco, wing-shaped terminal building was moved yesterday (25 October).
In Croscill's Flight collection, a butterfly motif from towels and shower curtains inspired wing-shaped earthenware accessories.
The finishing touches will be two wing-shaped concrete pads - which will become a car parking space and a patio - and blue landing lights which will surround the whole house.
Notable later examples are the wing-shaped "Easter Wings" of the early 17th-century English Metaphysical poet George Herbert:
The editor's carefully considered selection includes: (top left) a 'Pig with a positive', a painting by Albertus Pictor (c.1485) on the vaulting of the chancel, Harnevi church; (top right) some singing monks, from a painting on the north wall of the chancel of Havero church, attributed to the Knutby group (c.1500); (bottom right) angel with a wing-shaped keyboard instrument, from a series of eight angel instrumentalists on the vaulting of the chancel of Jumkil church, attributed to the school of Albertus Pictor (c.1500); (bottom left) angel with a keyed fiddle, detail from The Trinity, a painting on the vaulting of the chancel of Lagga church, by the workshop of Albertus Pictor (c.1500).