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1. Football A back positioned on offense behind or outside of an end.
2. Sports Either of two defensive players, especially in soccer, positioned to the side of the field and playing just behind the midfielders in order to support the offense.


(Furniture) (of a chair) having pieces that project forwards from the sides of the back



1. an offensive back in football who lines up outside an end.
2. the position played by this back.
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Noun1.wingback - (football) the person who plays wingback
football, football game - any of various games played with a ball (round or oval) in which two teams try to kick or carry or propel the ball into each other's goal
back - (football) a person who plays in the backfield
2.wingback - (American football) the position of the offensive back who lines up behind or outside the end
back - (American football) the position of a player on a football team who is stationed behind the line of scrimmage
football team, eleven - a team that plays football
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By ORLA BANNON FERMANAGH have suffered another set-back on the eve of the Championship with the news wingback Conor Quigley is out for the season having suffered a cruciate knee ligament injury.
Midfielder Williams, a former Liverpool trainee and Wrexham star,has signed a one-month loan deal from Kidderminster Harriers while Lane is a right-sided wingback, who numbers Hereford United and Morecambe among his previous clubs.
Argentinian wingback Mauricio Taricco damaged ankle ligaments in the win at Newcastle.
Nebraska starting wingback John Vedral was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving and negligent driving Sunday near downtown Lincoln.
Thurles Sarsfields' Michael Cahill (above) and Brian O'Meara (Kilruane MacDonaghs) will make their SHC debuts at wingback and full-forward.
RICHARD DUNNE is hoping to grasp a Maine Road lifeline against Arsenal today just three weeks after he endured a torrid 45 minutes at right wingback in the defeat by West Brom last month.
The other team members are wingback Joshua Conant, tailback/cornerback Kevin Fleming, wingback/safety Joshua Cates, tight end/safety Patrick Dietz, wingback/strong safety Tristan Heberer, center Chad Michaud, right guard Randy Worth, left tackle Ryan Robbins, defensive lineman Kris Kurowski, noseguard and fullback Keith Guerero, right tackle Jimmy Kurowski, tight end Kevin Elledge, tight end Brad Watkins, noseguard Jason Ackerman, offensive lineman Andre Delgado and left guard Jonathan Papa.
If the QB wasn't gifted enough to run with the football, I would put in what we called cross-motion; that is, I would have the wingback go into motion across the formation (in front of the fullback), putting pressure on the open side of the defense.
Lee is drafted in at wingback as John McIntyre's side try to pick up the pieces after being blown away by Tipperary in Thurles on Sunday.
Wingback Lee Parle gave them the lead in the last minute of the first half when he rifled in from the right of the box.
And to my delight, there was a reading alcove with two wingback chairs and a round table with magazines.
We also were able to use a true tailback rather than a fullback at this position, and to use the other wingback as a slot receiver, forcing the defense to spread out and cover him with a low quality defender.