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Adj.1.winglike - resembling a wing in shape or position
winged - having wings or as if having wings of a specified kind; "the winged feet of Mercury";
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Take the front end which, as well as a redesigned bumper, got a more pronounced GTC-like lower grille, while the upper grille got a more prominent winglike chrome bar and the option of LED daytime running lights.
Called Hawk House, the 7- by 9-foot structure has salvaged redwood bark on the walls--naturally fire-resistant--and winglike doors on either end, to let the breezes through.
The property contains a two-level parking structure with a winglike second deck, which led to its "butterfly' name.
A study of the recently discovered species, Mercuriceratops Gemini, provides more details on this flashy dinosaur which possessed not only the standard trifecta of facial horns but also a giant, winglike frill protruding from the back of its skull, Live Science reported.
These marine snails are also called "sea butterflies" because of their winglike swimming appendages.
And a second adult sports a winglike array of feathers with a central shaft.
In addition, one adult also had markings on its winglike forelimbs that suggest it bore longer feathers, ones that apparently possessed stiff shafts down the middle much like the feathers found on the wings of flying birds today.
PTEROPTERIDOID a coined word meaning 'both winglike and fernlike' (ptero- + pteridoid).
The winglike broadening in type 3 setae may be a feature that facilitates the reception of hydrodynamic signals (Obermeier & Schmitz 2004), which suggests that it has mechanosensory function.
Come & Change this world with strength & perseverance Come & Grace this Earth with your own sense longing like the octorose of warmth u n f o l d i n g winglike petals unto dawn to soar, Yes, flying
Take an inflatable or winglike foil kite, tether it to a 25- to 50-meter line and strap it to the harness around your torso.
2]--and the costumes, although not by Kawakubo, did not disappoint: simple black catsuits designed by Romeo Gigli that variably transformed into winglike, slashed second skins.