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Adj.1.winglike - resembling a wing in shape or position
winged - having wings or as if having wings of a specified kind; "the winged feet of Mercury";
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The hatchback's wedgelike lower portion includes a lip spoiler while the upper window of our tester flouted a winglike extension.
Winglike sheets of skin stretched from their cheeks to their legs and tails.
Attached to the top of the bucket are two wide, winglike bones called ilia, jutting out from either side of the tailbone.
The block is commonly known as the "butterfly lot" because it contains a two-level parking structure with a winglike second deck.
Sharples' burst down the righthand side put the hosts' rearguard under pressure before Billy Burns spotted a gap and offloaded to prop Afoa, whose winglike support line enabled him to cross the whitewash.
Take the front end which, as well as a redesigned bumper, got a more pronounced GTC-like lower grille, while the upper grille got a more prominent winglike chrome bar and the option of LED daytime running lights.
Called Hawk House, the 7- by 9-foot structure has salvaged redwood bark on the walls--naturally fire-resistant--and winglike doors on either end, to let the breezes through.
Winglike panels extend from the spine like leaves of a book catching a draft of air, while the fringed rectrices of the wall-mounted work's lower anatomy dangle below them.
A study of the recently discovered species, Mercuriceratops Gemini, provides more details on this flashy dinosaur which possessed not only the standard trifecta of facial horns but also a giant, winglike frill protruding from the back of its skull, Live Science reported.
These marine snails are also called "sea butterflies" because of their winglike swimming appendages.
Back in the Paleozoic they dominated the seascape, coming in a dizzying array of forms, from winglike spirifers (called butterfly stones) to scallop-shaped orthids.
And a second adult sports a winglike array of feathers with a central shaft.