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The distance between the tips of the wings of a flying animal, such as a bird or insect, when the wings are fully extended.



the distance between the outermost tips of the wings of a bird, insect, etc., when the wings are extended as far as possible.
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Noun1.wingspread - distance between the tips of the wings (as of a bird or insect) when fully extended
distance, length - size of the gap between two places; "the distance from New York to Chicago"; "he determined the length of the shortest line segment joining the two points"
2.wingspread - linear distance between the extremities of an airfoilwingspread - linear distance between the extremities of an airfoil
distance, length - size of the gap between two places; "the distance from New York to Chicago"; "he determined the length of the shortest line segment joining the two points"
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Venture through the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed SC Johnson Campus and Wingspread
He was present at Wingspread, the 1994 think-tank meeting where our organization was conceived, and he was a plenary speaker at the first Collaborative Family Health Care Coalition national conference (the name Collaborative Family Health Care Association--CFHA--was adopted a few years later).
With a 2.5-2.9-m wingspread, it is one of the largest birds in the world.
In 1991, a group of scientists were brought together for a Wingspread conference to discuss whether xenobiotics, non-biological chemicals found in people and animals, disrupt the endocrine system.
The Templeton and Ditesheim Scoring System used in our study is a quantitative method which has been shown to be comparable with Kelly [14], Kiesewetter [15], and Wingspread [16] fecal continence scoring systems; however, a higher continence score assignment has been reported than the others [17].
Wingspread classification--Malformations at or above the levator muscle complex were defined as high anomalies.
Precautionary principle's critics admit that the stipulation in Rio Declaration is praiseworthy but they criticize "the Declaration on precautionary principle from Wingspread" conceived by a group of scientists who attended a conference in January 1998.
Where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing cost effective measures to prevent environmental degradation." The second one comes from 1998 Wingspread Statement on the Precautionary Principle (2) and it states: "When an activity raises threats of harm to human health or the environment, precautionary measures should be taken even if some cause and effect relationships are not fully established scientifically.
The field of endocrine disruption is widely recognized as having formally begun in 1991 with the historic meeting at the Wingspread Conference Center in Racine, Wisconsin.
Neste sentido, tal principio, prescrito pela Declaracao de Wingspread, aflrma que, quando uma atividade eleva as ameacas de dano a saude humana ou ao meio ambiente, devem ser adotadas medidas de precaucao, ainda que algumas relacoes de causa e efeito nao estejam plenamente estabelecidas cientificamente (14).
Posteriormente, ha sido retomado en diferentes momentos como en la Declaracion de Estocolmo de 1972, en la Declaracion de Bergen para el desarrollo sostenible en 1990, el Tratado de Maastricht de la Union Europea en 1992, el Convenio sobre la Diversidad Biologica (CDB) en 1992, en la iconica Declaracion de Rio de 1992 y en la Conferencia de Wingspread en 1998, entre otras.
However, Cooper gives serious attention to the argument, made in The New Student Politics: The Wingspread Statement on Civic Engagement (Long, 2001), that students disillusioned with conventional political institutions are not necessarily disengaged but have chosen, through community service, a different sort of political action.