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also wing tip  (wĭng′tĭp′)
a. An often perforated shoe part that covers the toe and extends backward along the sides of the shoe from a point at the center.
b. A style of shoe having such a tip.
2. The tip of a wing, as of a flying animal or an aircraft.


1. (Aeronautics) the outermost edge of a wing
2. (Zoology) the outermost edge of a wing


or wing′ tip`,

1. the far or outer end of an airplane wing, wing of a bird, or the like.
2. the portion of a bird's folded wing formed by the part of the primary feathers extending beyond the secondary feathers.
3. a toecap, often with a perforated pattern, having a point at the center and side pieces that extend backward.
4. a style of shoe with such a toe.
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But in our estimation, the idea behind the skyBeacon--which also includes a red wingtip LED position light--is easy equipage for lower-end, basic aircraft that only fly at lower altitudes.
The AAIB said the plane's forced landing in a wheat field failed when a its left wingtip hit the ground and part of the fuselage broke up.
Airbus says the aircraft will be delivered with new-generation engines and wingtip Sharklets, which together afford fuel savings of at least 15% at delivery and 20% by 2020, as well as a 50% noise reduction.
The high-performance, single engine, ultra-high speed aircraft Cirrus Perspective+ features Garmin flight deck, luxury automotive-inspired Cirrus Spectra(TM) wingtip lighting, premium cockpit connectivity solutions, and more.
Most of the time I just darken my eyebrows, do half a wingtip and put on lipstick!
The GMCS enhances situational awareness by providing pilots video and camera views of the nose gear, main gear and wingtip areas to aid in taxiway maneuvering.
An Air Force ISO inspection is a thorough examination of an entire aircraft, during which maintainers look for and repair problems in every system--from nose to tail and wingtip to wingtip.
New York (AirGuide Features - Inside Air Travel) Tue, Dec 23, 2014 Two jets at New York's LaGuardia Airport got a little too close for comfort Tuesday morning, with one ripping the wingtip off the other.
aircraft at close range, with the planes coming nearly wingtip to wingtip.
A RYANAIR jet sits on the tarmac with a wingtip ripped off after a crash with another plane from the same airline.
This is a revolution in the design, color and feeling of the mens wingtip shoes.