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v. won (wŭn), win·ning, wins
1. To achieve victory or finish first in a competition.
2. To achieve success in an effort or venture: struggled to overcome the handicap and finally won.
1. To achieve victory or finish first in: won the race.
2. To receive as a prize or reward for performance: won a gold medal.
a. To achieve or obtain by effort: win concessions in negotiations.
b. To gain (respect or love, for example) by effort: won their loyalty. See Synonyms at earn.
4. To make (one's way) with effort.
5. To reach with difficulty: The ship won a safe port.
6. To take in battle; capture: won the heights after a fierce attack.
a. To succeed in gaining the affection or loyalty of (someone): He wooed and won her.
b. To succeed in gaining the favor or support of; prevail on: Her eloquence won over the audience.
a. To discover and open (a vein or deposit) in mining.
b. To extract from a mine or from mined ore.
a. A victory, especially in a competition.
b. First place in a competition.
2. An amount won or earned.
Phrasal Verbs:
win out
To succeed or prevail.
win through
To overcome difficulties and attain a desired goal or end.
win the day
To be successful.

[Middle English winnen, from Old English winnan, to fight, strive; see wen- in Indo-European roots.]

win′less adj.
win′na·ble adj.
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without a win
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Adj.1.winless - having no wins; "the team had a very disappointing winless season"
unsuccessful - not successful; having failed or having an unfavorable outcome
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Gilas stays winless, absorbs heartbreaking OT loss to Angola !-- -- Luisa Morales ( - September 4, 2019 - 5:43pm MANILA, Philippines -- Gilas Pilipinas finishes the 2019 FIBA World Cup group stage without a winafter falling to Angola in overtime, 84-81, in Foshan, China on Wednesday.
The winless run for Phil Neville's side since their 3-0 win against Norway in the quarter-finals of the summer's World Cup in France now stands at four matches.
Summary: Former champions from the UAE winless in the competition
Beleaguered Kariobangi Sharks on Sunday extended their winless streak to 11 matches as they went down 3-0 to Kakamega Homeboyz at the Moi International Sports Center in Kasarani.
Desperation is at an all-time high for Batangas-EAC and Family Mart-Enderun when they clash at 1 p.m., while an elimination awaits the loser of the battle between winless sides CD14 Designs-Trinity and SMDC-NU at 3 p.m.
Bristol City are winless in three league visits to Sheffield Wednesday (W0 D1 L2) since winning 3-2 there in December 2012.
CEU head coach Derrick Pumaren said he was concerned that his squad might become complacent knowing it's up against a winless team.
With the Los Angeles Lakers winless in their first three games, there is already speculation regarding Luke Walton's job security.
The winless Magpies slipped to the foot of the Premier League table following the 1-0 defeat to Brighton and Hove Albion at the weekend, and travel to Southampton on Saturday in desperate need of a victory.
What's more, given that Newcastle embarked on a ninegame winless run between October and December last season which led to United slipping into the bottom three, the Magpies have been in a similarly perilous position before - but recovered well to end the campaign in 10th place.
"We have to focus on ourselves, absolutely," said Wagner, whose side remain winless this season and sit third from bottom in the table.
The first day leader, whose bogey-free, record-setting 64 early Tuesday sparked hopes of a strong PGT finish for the reigning but winless Order of Merit champion, actually sustained his first round feat with a birdie-eagle start from No.