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adj. Informal
More successful or winning more often than any others of its kind: the winningest coach in college football.


(ˈwɪn ɪŋ ɪst)

adj. Informal.
1. winning most often: the winningest coach in college basketball.
2. most winning or charming: the winningest smile in town.
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Just hours ago, disgraced late Penn State football coach Joe Paterno was the winningest coach in major college football history.
Don Kirsch, the winningest coach in Oregon baseball history, died on May 7, 1970, after compiling a record of 445-242 as the UO coach from 1948-1970.
The former rivals united as teammates at USC and could leave as the program's winningest players.
He was not only the perfect gentleman coach, but ultimately the winningest NCAA basketball coach in the history of the game.
Ariad Custom Communications, probably the winningest company in The Newsletter on Newsletters Newsletter Awards Competition, made its mark as one of Canada's leading newsletter publishers by designing, writing and producing non-subscription publications, primarily for financial institutions.
Forza Marketing Group was the next winningest agency, taking home two golds and bronze, for newspaper, television and campaign work with the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care.
Akagi (which opened in mid-January in New York), is more accomplished still: It's the winningest comedy of all time .
FC Dallas (16-11-4) update: The Hoops, MLS's winningest team, have won the Western Conference.
I certainly think that when you become a head coach somewhere, you dream or have goals of becoming the winningest head coach at that school, or doing things that haven't been done before.
The winningest coach in New England Division III history, Holowaty has produced 33 post-season teams in 36 seasons, 12 of which have advanced to national tournament play.