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a. Of or relating to the act of winning: drew the winning number in the lottery.
b. Successful; victorious: the winning entry; the winning team.
2. Attractive; charming: a winning personality; a winning smile.
1. The act of one that wins; victory.
2. often winnings Something won, especially money.
3. A section of a mine that has been recently prepared or opened for working.

win′ning·ly adv.
win′ning·ness n.
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ij] is defined such that the horse that is observed to win a particular race has the largest winningness index of all runners in that race.
His eloquence was clear then as are his abilities and winningness now," Lewis wrote.
EVER keen to give the poor old punter a boost up the slippery slope to winningness, the Racing Post has just started a self-help series that should be the equivalent of a new pair of crampons and a team of eager Sherpas for anyone looking to make it pay.