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a. Of or relating to the act of winning: drew the winning number in the lottery.
b. Successful; victorious: the winning entry; the winning team.
2. Attractive; charming: a winning personality; a winning smile.
1. The act of one that wins; victory.
2. often winnings Something won, especially money.
3. A section of a mine that has been recently prepared or opened for working.

win′ning·ly adv.
win′ning·ness n.
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Only it does seem that sometimes her calculated winningness is at heart a lack of aptitude for loss.
To achieve this, a "winningness" index [W.sub.ij] of horse i in race j is defined as function (2) given above ([f.sub.2]([alpha], [beta], x, y)), plus an independent error term [[epsilon].sub.ij] as follows:
"His eloquence was clear then as are his abilities and winningness now," Lewis wrote.