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Charming, often in a childlike or naive way.

[Middle English winsum, from Old English wynsum : from wynn, joy; see wen- in Indo-European roots + -sum, characterized by; see -some1.]

win′some·ly adv.
win′some·ness n.
Word History: The win- in winsome comes from the Indo-European root *wen-, meaning "to desire, strive for," and has a number of descendants in the Germanic languages. One was the prehistoric Germanic noun *wini- meaning "friend" (literally, "one who desires or loves" someone else), which became wine in Old English and is preserved in such names as Winfred, "friend of peace," and Edwin, "friend of (family) possessions." A different form of the root with a different suffix became Old English wynn, "pleasure, joy," preserved in winsome. Finally, the verb win itself is from this root; its meaning is an extension of the sense "to strive for," namely, "to strive for with success, be victorious." Outside of the Germanic branch of Indo-European, we see the root, for example, in Latin venus or Venus "love, the goddess of love," and the verb venerāre, "to worship," the source of English venerate.
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Adv.1.winsomely - in an engaging manner; "she played the role engagingly"
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[ˈwɪnsəmlɪ] ADVde forma encantadora, de forma cautivadora
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Number four has four Monkeys as Matisse might have drawn them, and so on up to ten Mice, sitting winsomely on Monet waterlily leaves.
Ann Ingalls' entertaining and rhyming text is perfectly supported by illustrator Rebecca Evans winsomely charming water color illustrations to give children ages 4-8 a a memorable story with a positively underlying message about growing up and trying new things.
26: RC delos Reyes' debut film 'Mary, Marry Me,' which is as winsomely well-made as it is unabashedly predictable.
Joshua Hayes and the winsomely expressive Katy Federman tug at the heartstrings as the tragic young couple while also appearing in other 21st century roles.
Swift's song was purportedly a callout of chill icon John Mayer's caddish ways, but Silva evacuates the primary text's narrative by winsomely cutting and pasting to reorder the lyrics.
It winsomely challenges 'the reigning interdiction of theology' (p.134) in art-historical research and further cultivates theology's potential contributions to the study of modern art.
Rather, it compellingly stirs confidence in the gospel, equipping you with the basics necessary to communicate clearly, boldly, and winsomely. Simply stated, "The Gospel for Muslims" is unreservedly recommended for church libraries and the personal reading lists of all Christians (regardless of denominational affiliations) wanting to share the Good News with the Muslims in their communities.
I gradually came to the view so winsomely expressed by C.
As embodied by Gillies, Fallon has been upgraded from a somewhat lost soul, climbing in and out of beds and winsomely up trees - and later, on a spinoff called The Colbys , being abducted by aliens - to an ambitious businesswoman, still sleeping with the chauffeur but now also leaning in with a steely glare.
Moreover, Lewis is worth studying because he incisively identified and winsomely addressed enduring realities and lasting political concerns.
For instance, one mother joked that her domestically adopted eight-year-old boy was winsomely unthankful for having been adopted because he now had more rules to follow.