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Go bold with a pop-art print, winterize florals with burgundy trim, or stick to pastels with a dreamy mix of purple and pink hues.
Boat safety measure In 2016, a Capital Gazette article reported, Matthew McHale entered a boat that had already been shrink-wrapped so he could winterize it.
Frigid, dry weather will hang around the south Willamette Valley through the weekend, complicating the first leg of holiday travel for some motorists and prompting the opening of the area's cold-weather shelters and a call for residents to winterize their homes.
Recommendations: Advise your clients to properly winterize all outdoor systems: Close any inside valves that supply outdoor hoses and open outside valves to allow the remaining water to drain.
We know how to winterize a tent, we know how to winterize a camp, we know how to winterize a reception centre.
This year, the family handy man should winterize his tools and shop so he can keep working all winter long.
The UNHCR said it plans to spend $195 million to help "winterize" Syria and the surrounding countries.
* Extra drainage to winterize a simple irrigation system for winter drainage.
Janowicz, a certified pool operator (CPO) and a director of the Northeast Spa and Pool Association (NESPA) notes that, "If you don't know the exact procedure or if you do not have the equipment to winterize correctly, you should call a professional.
If you've been paying the marina $150 or more to winterize your boat every fall, it's time to do the job yourself and save some dough.
"Even in these situations, you should inspect your roof twice a year as if you are planning to winterize it."
Another will help needy families winterize their homes, and others will use 'cash-for-work' programs to create short-term employment opportunities.