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 (wĭn′trē) also win·ter·y (wĭn′tə-rē)
adj. win·tri·er, win·tri·est also win·ter·i·er or win·ter·i·est
1. Belonging to or characteristic of winter; cold.
2. Suggestive of winter, as in cheerlessness or coldness: a wintry welcome.

win′tri·ly adv.
win′tri·ness n.


(ˈwɪn tri)

also wintery

adj. -tri•er, -tri•est.
1. of or characteristic of winter.
2. suggestive of winter, as in lack of warmth or cheer; bleak.
[before 900]
win′tri•ly, adv.
win′tri•ness, n.
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Adj.1.wintery - characteristic of or occurring in winter; "suffered severe wintry weather"; "brown wintry grasses"


, wintry
adjwinterlich; (fig) lookeisig; smilefrostig, kühl
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Fourteen teams braved the wintery weather to take part and once in the warmth of Bridge of Allan Parish Church's Chalmers Hall it was a day of competitive fun, friendship and laughter as teams tossed wellies, threw quoits and bean bags, tried table top curling and golf (hole in one).
These pretty designs are incredibly versatile and, with the right accessories, can be worn even when the weather is cold and wintery.
THE Wearside League fixture list were decimated over the weekend as wintery conditions ensured that all but two games were postponed.
Families will continue the voyage to the wintery world of Arendelle as royal sisters Anna and Elsa discover true love is the most powerful magic of all and experience the mysterious magic of Fantasia as a Sorcerer's Apprentice makes brooms come to life.
Imam cracked a career-best 128 to set up PakistanA's 308 for 7 after they had been put in to bat under grey, wintery skies this morning.
Imam cracked a career-best 128 to set up Pakistan's 308 for 7 after they had been put in to bat under grey, wintery skies this morning.
Pakistan started slowly with the bat, Zimbabwe putting them in under grey, wintery skies.
Northern Ireland is a majestic stand-in for 1950s Suffolk, while the wintery photography, decaying grand houses and tales of death in the marshes add to the gothic atmosphere.
The 80-year-old went missing last Tuesday night - January 16 - during wintery storms after leaving his home on Moor Park Road, in Didsbury.
COVENTRY and Warwickshire briefly turned wintery again over the weekend as heavy snow showers fell throughout the region.
'But then it is all about the fun of it and the conversations one can have with friends and strangers at this festive, but wintery season of the year.'