advantageous to both sides, as in a negotiation: a win-win proposal; a win-win situation.
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The program is famous for segments like "Sabi ng Lolo Ko," where Ariel talks about positive Filipino values like respect for elders and love for country; and "WinWin Solutions," where Winnie is able to share tips and practical solutions to usual problems of mothers like her.
NFU combinable crops board chairman Tom Bradshaw agreed and said: "Increasing the bioethanol content in fuel is a winwin for the environment, farmers and the economy.
He said Pakistan desired a broad based relationship with the United States that safeguarded the two countries' interests and promoted winwin cooperation in areas ranging from the economy to trade and investment to en
NCT 127 is a permanent unit of the boy group NCT (an acronym for Neo Culture Technology) and currently has 10 members-Taeyong, Taeil, Johnny, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Mark, Haechan and Winwin, who was unable to participate in the group's activities.
I'll still be attached to the Dragons if I go there, but they have a very good relationship with the university and it just seems like a winwin situation for me.
The WinWin Textile factory also located inside the park commenced production of textile thread a few months ago.
"So it seemed a winwin combination to hold a fun event and use the money to help both the poorest people and local shopkeepers.
Instead, investing in public transport is a winwin situation with better, cheaper buses attracting more passengers and revenue, and fewer people forced to use their cars or getting left behind altogether.
Jens Molbak founded WinWin, a nonprofit funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
While calling it a winwin situation both for the country and the industry, he said one million immediate jobs are linked with the revival and growth of the textile industry.
It offers a winwin scenario for all involved." Connect Energy has its headquarters at The Core at Newcastle Helix.
Clockwise from left: Ten, Kun, Xiao Jun, Hendery, WinWin, Yangyang, and Lucas.