wipe down

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w>wipe down

vt sepabwaschen; (with dry cloth) → abreiben; windowüberwischen
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But Euryclea called the maids and said, "Come, wake up; set about sweeping the cloisters and sprinkling them with water to lay the dust; put the covers on the seats; wipe down the tables, some of you, with a wet sponge; clean out the mixing-jugs and the cups, and go for water from the fountain at once; the suitors will be here directly; they will be here early, for it is a feast day."
A video she posted on her Being Naomi YouTube feed shows her pulling a pair of latex gloves out of her designer bag, then using her Dettol anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down "anything that you put your hands on" - including her tray table, window, armrests and TV remote.
1 WIPE down kitchen cabinets every two to three months; inside and out, and don't forget the top.
1 Wipe down kitchen cabinets every 2-3 months; inside and out, and don't forget the top.
Use an oven liner in the bottom of the oven to catch the dirt and wipe down with a damp Minky onboth sides and then leave to air dry.
The Kaaba was washing from the inside with Zamzam water mixed with rose water and wipe down with a cloth.
A 5-month-old baby was in critical condition after his father allegedly stuffed a balled-up baby wipe down this throat and choked him.
No matter how diligently you wash your hands and wipe down surfaces, airborne particles containing the influenza virus have a way of getting to you.
Dishwashers - About once a month, check and clean the drain and wipe down the door seals and spray arm.
I understand it's a safety precaution to wipe down the floor after a player has dived for a ball or in some way ended up on the floor.
Along with formed- and stitch-welded seams, this creates a smooth interior that is easy to wipe down. Clean Air Products www.