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a. The act or an instance of wiping out.
b. Complete destruction.
2. Sports A fall, as from a surfboard or bicycle.


or wipe′-out`,

1. destruction, annihilation, or murder.
2. a fall from a surfboard.
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Noun1.wipeout - an event (or the result of an event) that completely destroys somethingwipeout - an event (or the result of an event) that completely destroys something
conclusion, ending, finish - event whose occurrence ends something; "his death marked the ending of an era"; "when these final episodes are broadcast it will be the finish of the show"
annihilation, disintegration - total destruction; "bomb tests resulted in the annihilation of the atoll"
eradication, obliteration - the complete destruction of every trace of something
ravage, depredation - (usually plural) a destructive action; "the ravages of time"; "the depredations of age and disease"
razing, wrecking - the event of a structure being completely demolished and leveled
ruination, ruin - an event that results in destruction
wrack, rack - the destruction or collapse of something; "wrack and ruin"
2.wipeout - a spill in some sport (as a fall from a bicycle or while skiing or being capsized on a surfboard)wipeout - a spill in some sport (as a fall from a bicycle or while skiing or being capsized on a surfboard)
fall, tumble, spill - a sudden drop from an upright position; "he had a nasty spill on the ice"
athletics, sport - an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
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The Wow Wipeout, launched this week at Dewsbury Sports Centre, has five obstacles and two slides.
He said departments concerned should properly check tyre- shops, swimming pools, factories etc to wipeout dengue.
Wacky World is returning to Middlesbrough Sports Village for two days only, with attractions from giant inflatable slides, disco domes, bouncy castles and total wipeout machines to bungee runs, rodeo bulls - even "extreme hungry hippos" and the UK's first fourarm wipeout.
Wipeout was a PlayStation classic back in the 90s and the same formula holds true 20 years later: blistering speed, slick visuals and n 0 d some great tunes.
WHEN Wipeout arrived in 1995 it was hailed as a pioneering force in gaming as part of the release of the first Sony Playstation console.
Hyper-fast, futuristic racing machines and a touch of nostalgia - what's not to like with Wipeout Omega Collection
Along with Metal Gear Solid and Gran Turismo, WipEout is a PlayStation icon.
The Omega Collection combines the content of WipEout HD, Fury and 2048.
But a Total Wipeout Tour to places such as Birmingham, Staffordshire and Coventry is believed to be a SCAM.
It will certainly have you wondering why the BBC ever axed Total Wipeout, or else yearning for the simple pleasures of It's A Knockout.
At least they're trying to invoke the spirit of tragically axed Total Wipeout, which for four years single-handedly (Strictly aside) cut through BBC1's all-pervading gloom and pumped fun into primetime, with Ninja Warrior UK.
Wipeout of the Wireless Weenies and Other Warped and Creepy Tales comes from a children's author who here offers a new Weenies story collection in the series: this one providing over thirty short, hilarious tales designed to make readers laugh or see the world in a new way.