wire-haired fox terrier

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Noun1.wire-haired fox terrier - a fox terrier with wiry hair
fox terrier - small lively black-and-white terriers formerly used to dig out foxes
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The eight-month-old wire-haired fox terrier pup, who belongs to Dewsbury Tory MP Simon Reevell, won an online poll in the annual Westminster Dog of the Year competition.
As Anthony Lane wrote in his review, "The Artist will cleave--far more loyally than Mel Brooks' Silent Movie (1976) did--to the rules of the game, supplying not just printed titles, but a breathless musical score, unblushing melodrama, a bouquet of sight gags, a girl with a kiss curl, and a corpulent cop." And an Asta-like wire-haired fox terrier who almost steals the movie.
This 11-month-old wire-haired fox terrier lives with Laura, 12, and Gail and Ronnie Martin in Linlithgow, West Lothian.