Having a coat of stiff wiry hair. Used especially of breeds of dogs.


or wire′-haired`,

having coarse, stiff, wirelike hair.
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Darby is a wirehaired pointing griffon from HH Griffons in Illinois.
The 52-year-old from Newcastle was with his dog Ellie, a German wirehaired pointer, when he was surrounded by cows and trampled to the ground in October last year.
In an early study, Wirehaired Fox Terriers always maintained control whereas the more laid back Cocker Spaniels did not.
It's ironic, really, that one of the most revered qualities of Labradors might be getting bypassed and even overshadowed; it's the opposite for breeds with aggressive reputations, such as Chesapeake Bay retrievers and German wirehaired pointers.
The German wirehaired pointer, who lives at remote Corrour Station of Trainspotting fame, was so busy feasting on a deer carcass by the tracks that he failed to notice the train heading his way.
The two German wirehaired pointers (Drathaars) have yet to be found, and their vanishing remains a mystery.
Making their first appearances are the coton de tulear, an easygoing companion breed known as the "royal dog of Madagascar,'' and the wirehaired vizsla, a stalwart Hungarian hunting dog.
A 22-pound, wirehaired dachshund, she educated her handler (me) and many hunters as well.
The victorious pooch, who was born and bred in the Netherlands, outshined six other dogs, including an Old English sheepdog named Swagger who claimed runner-up, a Bichon Frise, a smooth fox terrir, an American foxhound, a German wirehaired pointer, and Portuguese Water Dog, who is the same breed as the U.
Barring unexpected developments before tonight's awarding of Best in Show, Tablet Magazine's official dog will be the wirehaired dachshund who won the Hound group last night and who may be pictured below in a photograph taken by the author earlier yesterday.
Rebecca was attacked while walking Alfie, a Hungarian wirehaired vizsla, in a park in Plympton, near Plymouth, at 4.
Then, Justin Gau, prosecuting, told Swansea Crown Court how Newton Johnson's sister's Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla dog called Varlo appeared on the patient list as "Varlo Johnson".