wireless telegraphy

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wireless telegraphy

(Telecommunications) another name for radiotelegraphy
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wire′less teleg′raphy

wire′less tel′egraph, n.
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Noun1.wireless telegraphy - telegraphy that uses transmission by radio rather than by wirewireless telegraphy - telegraphy that uses transmission by radio rather than by wire
wireless - transmission by radio waves
2.wireless telegraphy - the use of radio to send telegraphic messages (usually by Morse code)wireless telegraphy - the use of radio to send telegraphic messages (usually by Morse code)
radio, wireless - a communication system based on broadcasting electromagnetic waves
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That seemed a good idea; so the Historian rigged up a high tower in his back yard, and took lessons in wireless telegraphy until he understood it, and then began to call "Princess Dorothy of Oz" by sending messages into the air.
I'll show you, and I'll show you he's got a brain that counts to five an' knows wireless telegraphy. You just watch."
In this he was ably assisted by George Brown, an operator employed by the Wood's System of Wireless Telegraphy. When the Plutonic arrived off Sandy Hook she was boarded by Bannerman from a Government tug, and Emil Gluck was made a prisoner.
He has had wireless telegraphy installed; he has a telegraph office in the house, half-a-dozen private wires, and they say that he spends an immense amount of money keeping in touch with foreign politics.
A striking, and unfish-like feature was the apparatus for wireless telegraphy that dangled from the forward cabin--that is to say, under the chin of the fish.
"Multiplex spiritual wireless telegraphy, I'd call it."
However, despite the applicability of the Telegraph Act or the Wireless Telegraphy Act, call tapping in bulk is not allowed.
The book Wireless, by Sungook Hong, describes how Maskelyne was so frustrated at the terms of the patent that Marconi was able to get--which, in effect, guaranteed a windfall for Marconi and cut off any serious competition-that he disrupted Marconi's demonstration of his "secure and private" wireless telegraphy system in 1903, with a message repeating the word "rats" and then a series of insults to Marconi.
Although the Dutch colonial regime in the Indies did experiment with wireless telegraphy after the pioneering work of G.
The Burmese government still needs to dump the 1962 Printers and Publishers Registration Law, the 1950 Emergency Provisions Act, article 505-B of the criminal code, the 1996 Television and Video Act, the 1996 Computer Science Development Act, the 1923 Officials Secrets Act and the 1933 Burma Wireless Telegraphy Act which are still threatening the press freedom in Burma.
The site, now home to a stockcar racing circuit and the Royal Naval Wireless Telegraphy Station, is neatly slotted between belts of trees near the Crimond road and the Loch of Strathbeg.

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