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1. Slang One who uses subterfuge, private influence, or underhand means to reach a goal.
2. One who pulls wires or strings, as of puppets.

wire′pull′ing n.


chiefly US and Canadian a person who uses private or secret influence for his or her own ends
ˈwireˌpulling n


(ˈwaɪərˌpʊl ər)

a person who uses influence or secret means to manipulate people or organizations, esp. for selfish ends; intriguer.
[1825–30, Amer.]
wire′pull`ing, n.


[ˈwaɪəˌpʊləʳ] N (US) → enchufista mf
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Central to both Nazi and Jihadist Jew hatred is the principle that the Jew is an invisible enemy of humanity, an "invisible wirepuller," (26) Hitler puts it, as invisible--as metaphysical--as Satan.
Upon Rose the wirepuller, Disraeli relied for advice and election information.
Nonetheless, by Sunday, while lacking any clues to a guiding hand behind the outbreaks, officials in Tehran were beginning to scent that it is not entirely spontaneous, and one or more wirepullers may be at work.
an appeal to apathy, little Americanism and the tacit assumption that the old crowd of wirepullers playing in with the big interests is on the whole most to be trusted.
And Workingmen's delegate Charles Beerstecher announced he would never put his hand to a document "made and manufactured by the political tricksters and wirepullers who have seats in this convention.