wise up

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wise 1

adj. wis·er, wis·est
1. Having the ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting; sagacious: a wise leader.
a. Exhibiting common sense; prudent: a wise decision.
b. Shrewd; crafty: made a wise move selling the house when he did.
3. Provided with information; informed. Often used with to: I'm wise to your tricks. We were none the wiser after reading the report.
4. Slang Rude and disrespectful; impudent.
Phrasal Verb:
wise up Slang
To make or become aware, informed, or sophisticated.

[Middle English, from Old English wīs; see weid- in Indo-European roots.]

wise′ly adv.
wise′ness n.

wise 2

Method or manner of doing; way: in no wise; in any wise.

[Middle English, from Old English wīse; see weid- in Indo-European roots.]
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wise up

vb (adverb)
1. slang (often foll by to) to become or cause to become aware or informed (of)
2. (tr) to make more intellectually demanding or sophisticated
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Verb1.wise up - get wise to; "They wised up to it"
get a line, get wind, get word, hear, learn, discover, find out, pick up, see - get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally; "I learned that she has two grown-up children"; "I see that you have been promoted"
2.wise up - cause someone to become aware of something
inform - impart knowledge of some fact, state or affairs, or event to; "I informed him of his rights"
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w>wise up

vi if he doesn’t wise up soon to what’s going on …wenn er nicht bald dahinterkommt or wenn ihm nicht bald ein Licht aufgeht (inf), → was da gespielt wird; if he doesn’t wise up soon to the need for …wenn er nicht bald hinter die Notwendigkeit zu … kommt; he’s never going to wise upder lernts nie!, der wird auch nie klüger; wise up, man!Mann, wach auf or nimm Vernunft an!
vt sepaufklären (inf) (→ to über +acc)
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As soon as they wise up, these things should go away."
Wise Up railed into the lead round the early turns but moved off at the third, badly hampering Pandosy Don, who in turn stopped favourite Valentia Rocket in his tracks.
nDraw for Friday's final with betting from Gary Wiltshire: 1 Wise Up (20-1), 2 Woodbrook Wine (12-1), 3 Stevies Glory (33-1), 4 Temptress Belle (25-1), 5 Palace Issue (1-4), 6 So Breezy (7-2).