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also wise-ass  (wīz′ăs′)
n. Vulgar Slang
A smart aleck.
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or wise′ass`,

Slang: Sometimes Vulgar. adj.
1. Also, wise′-assed`. insolent; impertinent.
2. smart ass.
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Despite his wise-ass, street-smart image, Bourdain was evidently not as much of a jerk as he self-deprecatingly claimed to be.
To me however, 'at the end of the day' signifies--well 'the end of the day', and to then add some sage advice or some wise-ass comment to the end, is superfluous and sometimes ill-advised.
Here, he is Vietnam veteran Vincent - yet another louche wise-ass! - who befriends the young son of his next-door neighbour (Melissa McCarthy).
He may hide behind a wall of wise-ass remarks and sarcasm, but inside there is a brokenness that even his increasingly bigger acts of arson cannot heal.
"He was a wise-ass," says Siguenza of the cofounder of the Youth International Party, a.k.a.
That changed when Gervais brought his particularly British brand of wise-ass humor to the table in 2010 and transformed the already rollicking kudocast into a true watercooler (and social media) event.
The small hand-drawn poster some problems in philosophy, 2010, is a wise-ass crib sheet on the pros and cons of various male philosophers; it contains as much wry joshing as Amy Sillman: Visiting Artist, 2004, a satirical, picaresque cartoon travelogue through the university circuit.
who'd eloped with his cousin, the wise-ass mechanic,
Clearly located in a poor suburb, there's a large dose of irony to be found in these kids playing dead, cracking wise-ass jokes, guarding captors, and running for their lives--which is obviously more prophetic than child's play, because as members of a certain caste these kids will likely end up as cannon fodder.
Between evangelists and people who just make wise-ass and ignorant comments on religion in the pub, I knew now who God preferred most.
Social commentary ("only black kid in school +basketball = white girls") and low-impact family strife - little sister won't eat sausages/ wise-ass momma won't take no cr*p from nobody/ soft touch dad buckles at sight of a six months' advance rent and lets room to murderer.
I guess I'm like the last of the Mohicans because I know that you got these crappy, appalling Pauline Kael knockoffs now writing about movies in this kind of wise-ass, know-it-all way that's just so uninteresting to me.