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 (wīz′krăk′) Informal
A flippant or sarcastic remark. See Synonyms at joke.
intr.v. wise·cracked, wise·crack·ing, wise·cracks
To make or utter a wisecrack.

wise′crack′er n.
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(ˈwaɪzˌkrækɪŋ) or


informal tending to make flippant gibes or sardonic remarks
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wise-cracking [ˈwaɪzkrækɪŋ] adjvanneur/eusewise guy n
(= smart alec) → petit prétentieux/euse m/f
(= mobster) → malfrat m
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(15) HH HHH HELL hath no fury like wise-cracking demonic spawn with surrogate daddy issues in this laboured reboot.
Hellboy (15) HH HHH HELL hath no fury like wise-cracking demonic spawn with surrogate daddy issues in this laboured reboot.
Hellboy (Harbour) is a wise-cracking operative for the Bureau For Paranormal Research And Development (BPRD), which maintains an uneasy peace between humans and otherworldly creatures.
A great story set when Peter Parker is in his early 20s and is established as the wise-cracking webslinger with a great story and an even better- looking New York.
Along Tim's search, he comes across the adorable, intelligent, wise-cracking Pikachu, who also happened to be his dad's former Pokemon partner.
Leading the cast as Shrek will be Steffan Harri, with Marcus Ayton as wise-cracking sidekick Donkey, Samuel Holmes as Lord Farquaad and Amelia Lily as Princess Fiona.
This week's bunch include wise-cracking pizza flingers from New York, a duo of Irish ninjas and a stunningly good blind pianist.
In The Big Get-Even, hard-boiled crime meets a crew of wise-cracking ex-cons.
Led by Master Wu, as wise-cracking as he is wise, they must defeat evil warlord Garmadon, The Worst Guy Ever, who also happens to be Lloyd's dad.
There is Anmar, who is seeking to avenge his father, a suicide attack victim; Amjad, a young recruit simply happy to be on the frontlines; Hussein, a sniper who moonlights as a football player; and Jamal, described as a "wise-cracking sergeant."
Erlich Bachman, the wise-cracking, pot-smoking incubator owner brought to life by actor T.J.
With the return of much-loved characters, the introduction of a brand-new wizarding generation, and plenty of wise-cracking dialogue, there's already much to love.