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 (wīz′krăk′) Informal
A flippant or sarcastic remark. See Synonyms at joke.
intr.v. wise·cracked, wise·crack·ing, wise·cracks
To make or utter a wisecrack.

wise′crack′er n.


(ˈwaɪzˌkrækɪŋ) or


informal tending to make flippant gibes or sardonic remarks


wise-cracking [ˈwaɪzkrækɪŋ] adjvanneur/eusewise guy n
(= smart alec) → petit prétentieux/euse m/f
(= mobster) → malfrat m
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The wisecracking extraterrestrial enlists the duo's help in getting back to his spaceship, but they are soon pursued by government agents and unwittingly become kidnappers.
wisecracking wonder Webslinger IT may not be the finest looking game out there, with a decidedly dull New York City to explore, coupled with generic battles, but The Amazing Spider-Man manages to nail plenty of what makes Spidey such an exciting character.
Wisecracking Vine even set a world record for his quickfire delivery in 2004 - 499 in one hour.
55am) GET Shorty was a huge box office success, one of those movies that hits home with the critics and the punters alike with its wisecracking sass, great star turns and effortless charm.
Wisecracking pal Donkey has been house-sitting for them and is thrilled they're back, but they're not alone for long.
the story of a wisecracking adventurer who came of age in the untamed West; an ink-stained rebel who surprised himself by becoming the most famous American of his time.
The wisecracking critter is Barry B Benson (voiced by Seinfeld), a high-flying college graduate facing the grim prospect of a life of servitude for Honex, the hive's honey-making operation.
Michael Starke, above, who spent 16 years as wisecracking window cleaner Sinbad, will return to TV screens as the head of a new trouble-making family set to bring mayhem to Weatherfield.
For all their cattiness, the first act is practically stolen by Tonye Patano as the wisecracking maid, Aretha, and Will Holman, who makes an unexpected appearance as a pec-
Brave, wisecracking, teenage Max is back, trying to save her "flock" of mutant bird-kids CI prefer Avian American," she says dryly) along with their talking dog from vicious, wolf-like Erasers.
This bongo-playing, wisecracking, Nobel prize-winning physicist's larger-than-life personality elevated him to icon status within the world of science.
It could have been the show's mascot or some sort of wisecracking commentary, but much like the rest of the work, it presents a surface of cheerful dumbness that gives way to the growing suspicion that it's not as dumb--nor as mute, nor as happy-go-lucky--as it first seems.