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 (wīz′krăk′) Informal
A flippant or sarcastic remark. See Synonyms at joke.
intr.v. wise·cracked, wise·crack·ing, wise·cracks
To make or utter a wisecrack.

wise′crack′er n.
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(ˈwaɪzˌkrækɪŋ) or


informal tending to make flippant gibes or sardonic remarks
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wise-cracking [ˈwaɪzkrækɪŋ] adjvanneur/eusewise guy n
(= smart alec) → petit prétentieux/euse m/f
(= mobster) → malfrat m
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RYAN REYNOLDS is superb as a wisecracking anti-hero in Deadpool (tonight, Channel 4, 9pm).
Aladdin stumbles upon a magic oil lamp that unleashes a powerful, wisecracking, larger-than-life genie.
Alda starred as the wisecracking Captain Benjamin Franklin 'Hawkeye' Pierce in all 251 episodes of the M*A*S*H TV series which ran from 1972 to 1983.
And as the wisecracking presenter of Bullseye, Jim Bowen was like the guy next door, just smarter and funnier.
The 44-year-old, who's been giving life to the wisecracking genius since 2007, first came out as gay in 2012.
DOUBLE AXE James suited up as the wisecracking killer with the ever so slightly more statuesque Ryan
This time they are supporting characters in the first book to feature wisecracking PI Elvis Cole since 2012's Taken.
The wisecracking extraterrestrial enlists the duo's help in getting back to his spaceship.
With a lot of wisecracking, the duo find common ground for the higher good.
That's how much everything costs at the store where Ichiko works in "100 Yen Love," a Japanese indie with the soul of a 1970s American film--a project that might've caught Hal Ashby's eye, for example--and a cast of wisecracking slackers who'd be right at home in "Clerks." But what makes director Masaharu Take's modest drama so well suited to international exposure is the stunning character are at the film's center.
ACTOR James Garner, the wisecracking star of Maverick who enjoyed a long career on the small and big screen, has died aged 86.
Washington, Oct 27 ( ANI ): Marcia Wallace, who is known for her roles as The Simpsons' cynical fourth grade school teacher Edna Krabappel and The Bob Newhart Show's wisecracking secretary Carol Kester, has died.