wish away

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w>wish away

vt sep difficultyweg- or fortwünschen (inf)
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Dominic Abruzzo, Cadbury's Mr Sippy van man says "I always wish away the winter months, waiting for that first summer day.
The country's lawmakers and common people must subject themselves to more stringent examination today and not wish away a problem which, if left unchecked, will spiral out of proportion and, as evidence suggests, eventually come back to haunt them at home.
As we near the 40th anniversary of the Emergency on June 25, it is clear the Congress is seeking to wish away a storm of criticism that is likely to hit the party in the coming week.
There are powerful political tides sweeping the continent - strong nationalist movements, hard attitudes on immigration, aggressive Russian expansionism and the siren call of parties and governments who would wish away the rules of economics.
AS the temperature drops and we wish away the cold months, more than ready for our annual trip to the sunnier climes, there is one good thing to come out of a miserable, bleak February - the return of The Jump, and Davina McCall with it.
WE don't want to wish away the last of the summer, but as autumn coats are hitting the high street, now is a good time to snap one up.
The UPA government's approach was a legislation-based approach wherein they would just try to wish away problems by legislating against them.
That change was indeed up to the voters, the ruling said, over one justice's impassioned dissent that accused the court of simply wanting to wish away inequality.
Since the Kingdom is totally dependant on expatriate communities for its development work involving millions of riyals, the government cannot tax, curtail or simply wish away outflow of money as long as it is dependent on foreign manpower.
11 Set the tone for sun Toning creams to wish away all your wobbly bits.
He added that India cannot wish away Pakistan, but added there could not be business with Pakistan in such a situation.
Media covering COP17 are kidding themselves if they think they can ignore and wish away Climategate 2.