wish away

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w>wish away

vt sep difficultyweg- or fortwünschen (inf)
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"We have a longstanding defense relationship with Russia we cannot wish away," a diplomatic source told NDTV ahead of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's visit to New Delhi on Tuesday.
The statement added: 'The Buhari Presidency should know that their threats and confrontation cannot take away the fact that their principal's certificate issue requires a personal responsibility and Mr President cannot wish away this responsibility as he had always done on official matters.
He has had many opportunities to examine the causes of victories and defeats, so he is not someone you can wish away. He will pull a surprise on you.
The weeping sore which was Jack Rodwell has been paid off, Jason Steele has been given away and a collection of out-of-contract players released but - as the previous regime discovered - the new owners cannot wish away problem players.
They will not tell you to paint on a happy face, use positive thinking to wish away your problems, or worse, pretend your problems don't exist.
Addressing the flag hoisting ceremony arranged by Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi at the Chancery's lush green lawns, Basit stressed that the political aspiration of the people of Jammu and Kashmir could not be suppressed, nor could anyone belittle or wish away their legitimate struggle and enormous sacrifices, says a press release received here from India.
Former home secretary, and chairman of the Labour In for Britain campaign, Alan Johnson, said: "Michael Gove wants to wish away reality, but every credible independent forecaster says Brexit will hurt our economy.
No mother would ever wish away her child, but, like Katie, we have the right to wish the circumstances could have been different.
The country's lawmakers and common people must subject themselves to more stringent examination today and not wish away a problem which, if left unchecked, will spiral out of proportion and, as evidence suggests, eventually come back to haunt them at home.
As we near the 40th anniversary of the Emergency on June 25, it is clear the Congress is seeking to wish away a storm of criticism that is likely to hit the party in the coming week.
There are powerful political tides sweeping the continent - strong nationalist movements, hard attitudes on immigration, aggressive Russian expansionism and the siren call of parties and governments who would wish away the rules of economics.