wish for

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w>wish for

vi +prep obj to wish for somethingsich (dat)etw wünschen; what more could you wish for?etwas Besseres kann man sich doch gar nicht wünschen, was kann sich der Mensch noch mehr wünschen? (inf); it was everything we had wished fores war genauso, wie wir es uns gewünscht hatten; she had everything she could wish forsie hatte alles, was man sich nur wünschen kann
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Marianne sighed, and repeated, "I wish for no change."
"It is a great relief to me--what Elinor told me this morning--I have now heard exactly what I wished to hear."--For some moments her voice was lost; but recovering herself, she added, and with greater calmness than before--"I am now perfectly satisfied, I wish for no change.
"You shall have a notary, as you absolutely wish for one, sir," said Villefort; "but I shall explain to him your state of health, and make excuses for you, for the scene cannot fail of being a most ridiculous one."
The cook, however, thought to himself: 'If the child has the power of wishing, and I am here, he might very easily get me into trouble.' So he left the palace and went to the boy, who was already big enough to speak, and said to him: 'Wish for a beautiful palace for yourself with a garden, and all else that pertains to it.' Scarcely were the words out of the boy's mouth, when everything was there that he had wished for.
She would not even wish for a renewal of his attentions.
There's not one kind wish for me, or one good word for you, among them all.
I carry good luck with me, vicomte," said he to Raoul; "wish for something while drinking out of my glass, and may the black plague grab me if what you wish does not come to pass!" He held the goblet to Raoul, who hastily moistened his lips, and replied with the same promptitude:
"Will you promise me, monseigneur, to grant me what I wish for?"
Topping the wish list in the UAE, according to the official, is the wish for an electronic gadget as a gift, mostly an iPhone or a laptop.
"Ms.Candice this (free dialysis for Papa Roland) might cost much compared to the other wishes posted here on your 'wish-wall' but this would mean a lifetime worth of gratitude, happiness and show of perpetual love to this one man who bravely fought for us, our dreams to finish school and survive everyday," student Reylin Mae Quintildeahan said in her Facebook post after receiving word her wish for dialysis treatement was granted.
I wish for some rest for my family and help with Dirks auto care.
Just as the cat wishes for a friend, a girl appears, claiming that she made a wish for a friend, too.