wish for

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w>wish for

vi +prep obj to wish for somethingsich (dat)etw wünschen; what more could you wish for?etwas Besseres kann man sich doch gar nicht wünschen, was kann sich der Mensch noch mehr wünschen? (inf); it was everything we had wished fores war genauso, wie wir es uns gewünscht hatten; she had everything she could wish forsie hatte alles, was man sich nur wünschen kann
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Participating in the programme is as easy as describing a wish for another person.
WISHING Some people wish for things in life that can never be But some things come to people in life, that are permanent As in my case, it was an amazing woman I never wished, she never wished, we just found each other I'm from the older generation, she is not But since meeting, we act like two teenagers But this is not an act, this is love I mentioned wish, which I didn't wish But if I had, my wish has certainly come true Because this lady, is so fantastic, beautiful, gorgeous, sweet Romantic, sensuous and very patient So to wish in life can be fruitless But to wait can be very fruitful So the moral of the poem never wish for what you may not receive If you are due a wish, it will come to you As it did with me by B.
I wish for the citizenry to continue to awaken from the nightmare of the Bush Age.
For example, "I wish for peace in the world" or "I wish people would be kind to one another.
Robert Von Aiken, executive managing director Grubb & Ellis Appraisal Consulting Services, said he would wish for the so-called state capital gains tax to be eliminated.
Make-A-Wish children are encouraged to wish for whatever they want during a difficult period in their lives to bring hope, strength and joy to themselves and their families.
RICHMOND, British Columbia -- TU Group and Travel Underwriters are making travel dreams come true through their Wish for a Wish contest