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"From the moment we first read Jacqueline Wilson's novel, a magical story combining a comic truthfulness about contemporary family life with the timeless wish fulfilment of E.
Is it merely the enduring legacy of Pele or Maradona that prompts such extreme reactions, or is it the wish fulfilment of the image of a street footballer fighting squalor and poverty to hit pay dirt that captures the imagination?
This wish fulfilment fantasy offers a selfindulgent wallow for young teenage girls suffering summer holiday lovesick blues.
Keeping alive the essence of the show, Salaam Namaste UAE Season 2 will not only highlight individuals and corporates who are actively involved in giving back to society but will also act as a wish fulfilment medium for many of the viewers in this region.
There is an element of wish fulfilment in the story, but this book would go down well with a lot of YA readers.
Tim said: "I didn't mean to write a book - it was more a wish fulfilment story for my two sons.
She told the magazine: "I wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfilment. It was a choice made for personal reasons, not for credibility."
Director Josh Schwartz, executive producer on The OC and Gossip Girl, peddles the same wish fulfilment as those TV series, albeit with the accent firmly on broad comedy rather than brazen bed-hopping.
The producers say they want to reflect the great wish fulfilment shows from yesteryear but add a very special twist of Lemon to ITV1's Saturday nights.
When You Wish Upon a Star carries the book along, and although in the end the song is more wish fulfilment than truth, the whole thing is good to look at and pleasant to listen to.
Formulaic it may be, but there's also plenty of touching wish fulfilment moments as well.
Robert Rodriguez's new kiddie flick takes off on that wish fulfilment note.