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Having or expressing a wish or longing.

wish′ful·ly adv.
wish′ful·ness n.
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Adv.1.wishfully - in a wishful manner; "he wishfully indulged in dreams of fame"
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Many a time he had looked over the steamer's side during that long, lonely voyage and gazed almost wishfully into the sea, in whose embrace was rest.
A THEY are talking wishfully about themselves, so tune it out - you can be sure they wouldn't be so chirpy if they really felt as you do.
Compared with bold dramatic premises such as "Lost" or "Heroes," comedy presents a formidable marketing challenge, which invites a few tough questions: Will the cycle turn yet again, as many have (perhaps wishfully) predicted, thrusting another right-place, right-time sitcom back atop the ratings?
Despite significant advances in weapons technology, for the most part, the military services have continued to operate many "legacy" communications networks and have stated wishfully their grand plans for things such as "global information grids," "force nets," and "command-and-control constellations."
Though there is an undeniable internal consistency to his argument, Noble may be thinking wishfully in his assertion that the global justice movement is antiutopian.
Last July, Lane Transit District leaders thought - wishfully, as it turned out - that they'd break ground in a few months on their state-of-the-art bus rapid transit system.
On a section of boulevard overlooking the sea, a group of characters interact, each in his or her own way seeking to fill a void in the self by becoming what one of them wishfully claims to be--"strong and whole and superbly integrated." Ebejer's vision evidently has affinities with Beckett, Ionesco, and other absurdist dramatists of the period in its existentialist emphasis on the difficulty of achieving an authentic personal freedom, and the correspondingly seductive enslavement of the self in one or another form of ritual, stereotype, or system.
Of course, he thinks this wishfully, but one likes him
At Hampden, Advocaat watched in dismay as Celtic's Neil Lennon, Alan Thompson and Paul Lambert bossed the centre of the park with the Rangers boss wishfully thinking of turning the clock back a generation or two.
All the world is becoming wishfully American in the sense that we all want the same high living standards, high-tech medicine, car and air-borne mobility, email and the Internet, American TV, films and cartoons--the whole "American dream".
The ideal family of a stay-at-home mother, a hard-working father, and two or three loving children, idealized by those who wishfully want to restore the past is not in accordance with reality.
Rather, as many movement activists and trade unionists are already doing, we have to build a coalition politics through struggles that creatively address (instead of wishfully disregarding) divisions within the working class and support (rather than undermine) the efforts of oppressed people to represent themselves, their interests, and their needs.