witch grass

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or witch grass  (wĭch′grăs′)
1. An annual North American grass (Panicum capillare) having open diffuse purplish panicles.

[Probably alteration of quitch grass.]

witch′ grass`

a common North American weed grass, Panicumcapillare, having a loosely branching panicle with spikelets.
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Noun1.witch grass - North American grass with slender brushy panicleswitch grass - North American grass with slender brushy panicles; often a weed on cultivated land
panic grass - any grass of the genus Panicum; grown for grain and fodder
2.witch grass - European grass spreading rapidly by creeping rhizomeswitch grass - European grass spreading rapidly by creeping rhizomes; naturalized in North America as a weed
wheatgrass, wheat-grass - a grass of the genus Agropyron
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Athena's Secret barely makes it through the storm when they stumble across Witch Grass, an abandoned powerboat carrying a significant stash of money.
Stump is especially iconoclastic with regard to translation, going into the connotations of both English titles, The Bark Tree and Witch Grass, and daring to say that the second title is "gloomier, more subterranean," befitting the vexed early twenty-first century, while readers in the sixties' counterculture might have been looking for a more "free-spirited" book.
of 33.3, while Physalis heterophylla (ground cherry), Leptoloma cognatum (fall witch grass), Eragrostis trichodes, and Tridens flavus (purple-top) followed in I.V.