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Adj.1.witchlike - being or having the character of witchcraft
supernatural - not existing in nature or subject to explanation according to natural laws; not physical or material; "supernatural forces and occurrences and beings"
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They were worked in the yards all the seven days of the week, and they had their prize fights and crap games on Sunday nights as well; but then around the corner one might see a bonfire blazing, and an old, gray-headed Negress, lean and witchlike, her hair flying wild and her eyes blazing, yelling and chanting of the fires of perdition and the blood of the "Lamb," while men and women lay down upon the ground and moaned and screamed in convulsions of terror and remorse.
A self-annointed messiah named Jeremiah Sand (Linus Roache) and his Children of a New Dawn (including Ned Dennehy's obsequious Brother Swan and Olwen Foure's witchlike Mother Marlene) see the lovely Mandy walking in the forest.
They cross the Montagnes on top of a crafted horse, only to find a witchlike world.
story that presented the grandmother as an evil, witchlike character,
Warnicke, Anne's conduct--specifically the charge that the Queen herself was the sexual aggressor with her so-called lovers--was interpreted as 'witchlike' and 'demonic', as the authorities had indeed meant to charge her as a witch.
The very people who naturally might be suspected because of their own prior grievances or sinful sentiments toward the afflicted will deny any witchlike sentiments in themselves and often dramaturgically proclaim their own righteous indignation, moral solidarity with the afflicted, and willingness to help avenge the death.
Occasionally she hears their laughter witchlike in the distance, and she whips around, frantic, and tries to examine the back of her jeans, to take herself in in one critical glance.
This writing demonstrates Lilith's sexual and personal self-assertion, her pariah, morally dubious, witchlike or Medusan qualities, and her life and death qualities as embodied in the primeval snake symbolism of Eden, as both goddess and devil.
The madivines and zamis of lesbian relationships are thus implicitly witchlike since their wombs and bloodlines are dangerously close and can become inadvertently entwined.
I only vaguely knew about this witchlike figure of Slavic myth.
In a second I can summon the unchanging mystery of their circle, the sky a few shades lighter than night and intensely luminous, the air vibrating with energy, our clothes flapping witchlike with wind as we passed the gate meant to hold us back.