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1. A person, especially a woman, claiming or popularly believed to possess magical powers and practice sorcery.
2. A believer or follower of Wicca; a Wiccan.
a. Offensive An old woman considered to be ugly or frightening.
b. A woman considered to be spiteful or overbearing.
c. Informal A woman or girl considered to be charming or fascinating.
4. One particularly skilled or competent at one's craft: "A witch of a writer, [she] is capable of developing an intensity that verges on ferocity" (Peter S. Prescott).
v. witched, witch·ing, witch·es
1. To work or cast a spell on; bewitch.
2. To cause, bring, or effect by witchcraft.
To use a divining rod to find underground water or minerals; dowse.

[Middle English wicche, from Old English wicce, witch, and wicca, wizard, sorcerer; see weg- in Indo-European roots.]

witch′er·y (-ə-rē) n.
witch′y adj.
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adj, -ier or -iest
resembling or characteristic of a witch
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Her rising interest in the occult, and her access to her grandfather's library of witchy books, adds another layer of creepiness.
And what does the witchy, Mystic store owner, Cat, have to do with it all?
In Salem, Massachusetts, witchy stuff is not unusual.
The only way to find out who 'Brina will choose--and how witchy she'll actually become?
To ensure you don't miss out on any of the witchy fun, mark your calendars for the season's start date and time, which is May 5 at 8 p.m.
Clinical herbalist, queer woman, mother of two, dancer, storyteller, social entrepreneur and philanthropist, Laura Ash has expanded The Scarlet Sage Herb Co., San Francisco's local sanctuary for all things healing and witchy. Located on Valencia Street in the heart of the Mission District, Scarlet Sage is committed to empowering people through herbalist care.
Its roof is adorned with random bric-a-brac and the rusted skeleton of a piano's strings sits like a like a witchy sail on top.
Other members of the Newton Merchant Association, which Louglas heads, are also taking a witchy take on their businesses, including a thrift shop making personalized wands and a hair salon doing a demo on fairy-themed hair.
But of course, I have agreed to a spooky open house with all the neighbourhood ghouls where they will have a tea party, during which they will snub all savoury options, mainline Haribo, do the floss in time to Thriller, then hit the streets like minature crack addicts, banging down doors to demand sugar, booting their younger siblings out of the way and pulling each other's witchy capes clean off and knocking down an old lady in a bid to get their mitts on her last Freddo.
There's a night sky, complete with turquoise index finger star, pumpkin falsies, ghostly eyes and witchy pentagrams.
Netflix/Red Rivera Aside from the Malum Malus, the Greendale venue also featured a gothic-style glam shoot area where guests posed wearing costumes which include Sabrina's striking red coat, witchy black cloaks and the CAOS vartisy jackets.
Her tweets include one last August where she calls Meghan 'Witchy Poo' and tagged the Royal Family's Twitter handle @KensingtonRoyal.