with a will

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بِعَزْمٍ وَتَصْميم، بِحَماسٍ وَنَشاط
med iver
meî ákafa


(wil) noun
1. the mental power by which one controls one's thought, actions and decisions. Do you believe in freedom of the will?
2. (control over) one's desire(s) or wish(es); determination. It was done against her will; He has no will of his own – he always does what the others want; Children often have strong wills; He has lost the will to live.
3. (a legal paper having written on it) a formal statement about what is to be done with one's belongings, body etc after one's death. Have you made a will yet?
verbshort forms I'll (ail) , you'll (juːl) , he'll (hiːl) , she'll (ʃiːl) , it'll (ˈitl) , we'll (wiːl) , they'll (ðeil) : negative short form won't (wount)
1. used to form future tenses of other verbs. We'll go at six o'clock tonight; Will you be here again next week?; Things will never be the same again; I will have finished the work by tomorrow evening.
2. used in requests or commands. Will you come into my office for a moment, please?; Will you please stop talking!
3. used to show willingness. I'll do that for you if you like; I won't do it!
4. used to state that something happens regularly, is quite normal etc. Accidents will happen.
ˈwilful adjective
1. obstinate.
2. intentional. wilful damage to property.
ˈwilfully adverb
ˈwilfulness noun
weak-willed / strong-willed people.
ˈwilling adjective
ready to agree (to do something). a willing helper; She's willing to help in any way she can.
ˈwillingly adverb
ˈwillingness noun
ˈwillpower noun
the determination to do something. I don't have the willpower to stop smoking.
at will
as, or when, one chooses.
with a will
eagerly and energetically. They set about (doing) their tasks with a will.
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References in classic literature ?
If father does his best to give us the chance we each want, the least we can do is to work with a will."
"Whatever you do, you can't help working with a Will," cried Tom, who had been so interested, that he forgot he was playing eavesdropper.
"With a will, all you need to do is make a claim against it, and the personal representative has to investigate that claim," he explains.