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Noun1.withdrawal method - a method of birth control in which coitus is initiated but the penis is deliberately withdrawn before ejaculation
birth control, birth prevention, family planning - limiting the number of children born
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The next most widely practiced form of contraception was withdrawal method being practiced by 16% of the couples.
In the present study, it was determined that sexual dysfunction was more common in women using the withdrawal method. The withdrawal method which the most widely used traditional contraceptive method in Turkey is not a medical method and as the partner has to withdraw at the peak point of the sexual intercourse it prevents reaching sexual satisfaction and causes post intercourse tension and for that reason has negative effects on sex life (39).
While some might think that such ardent Eurosceptics would prefer the withdrawal method, the party political prophylactics are one of many tongue-incheek merchandise offerings on sale at the Birmingham conference this weekend.
Instead, Packard said, she turned to condoms and the withdrawal method to avoid pregnancy.
We want to ensure all customers relying on PayPal have enough time to add a new withdrawal method and conduct any desired PayPal transactions.
[5] Apart from female sterilization, condom was the predominant method used by women (9.4%) followed by IUD (4.3%), withdrawal method (3.1%), pills (1.2%), and rhythm method (1.1%).
The oldest and most primitive methods are the physical ones as coitus interrupts, or withdrawal method. Then comes the local appliances and medicines.
withdrawal was 26% and is even high from the report of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics Islamabad (2011) in which 17% of the men opt for withdrawal method.9 While in PDHS 2006-07 it is reported that 4% currently married women used withdrawal10 and in PDHS 2012-13 it is almost doubled to 9% in currently married women.
The study, by the Irish Family Planning Association and condom giants Durex, found 30% rely on the "withdrawal method" or have done in the past.
Knowledge of HW (F) on Different Methods of Birth Control Methods Rural Tribal Total Condom 21 (58%) 15 (42%) 36 (100%) OCP 21 (58%) 15 (42%) 36 (100%) IUD 21 (58%) 15 (42%) 36 (100%) Vasectomy 21 (58%) 13 (36%) 34 (94%) Tubectomy 21 (58%) 13 (36%) 34 (94%) Diaphragm/Jelly 2 (5%) 2 (5%) 4 (10%) Withdrawal method 2 (5%) 1 (3%) 3 (8%) Emergency pill 5 (14%) 3 (8%) 8 (22%) Table II.
Oral contraceptives were used by 15.6% of respondents, but nearly as many (14.8%) reported using the withdrawal method, and 6.1% said they used the rhythm method.
(18) The withdrawal method, as defined by the hadith, (19) dismisses any agency for women in the decision-making process and therefore does not allow for a rights-based approach to contraception.