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 (wĭth-hōld′, wĭth-)
tr.v. with·held (-hĕld′), with·hold·ing, with·holds
1. To refrain from giving or granting: withhold information; withhold judgment. See Synonyms at keep.
2. To keep in check; restrain: I was unable to withhold my laughter.
3. To deduct (withholding tax) from an employee's salary.

[Middle English witholden : with, away from; see with + holden, to hold; see hold1.]

with·hold′er n.
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Noun1.withholder - a person who refrains from granting; "a withholder of payments"
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
granter - a person who grants or gives something
2.withholder - a person who restrains or checks or holds back
controller, restrainer - a person who directs and restrains
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This reading is especially available if one reads the "nothing" and "nothingness" as a discernible spatio-temporal vacancy (a placeholder, or, more accurately, a withholder).
Illegitimate withholder occurs upon withholding tax obligations of third parties but which are no longer transferred further to tax authorities entitled to collect them.
"Holding back from saying your truth not only creates festering and negative emotions inside the withholder, but also deteriorates relationships and weakens the health of your organization over time," Br'gmann says.
In order to comply with ATO directions and the tax legislation, a person who is liable for WT must register with the ATO and make WT payments within the appropriate time frame, which differs depending on the size of the particular withholder.
The educator can be the withholder as well as the giver of life.
Gordon can describe her mother's talents--a hard head, a well-kept figure, a provider to an only child after the early death of the father, and her debits--an often overworked and sometimes cold authority figure, a woman able to give some love but not enough to a wanting child, a withholder of praise by habit (or by calculation?), and an alcoholic in later life.
Al-Anwar daily said that investigators had divided the suspects into four categories - planner, executor, interferer and information withholder - depending on their role in the plot.