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 (wĭth-hōld′, wĭth-)
tr.v. with·held (-hĕld′), with·hold·ing, with·holds
1. To refrain from giving or granting: withhold information; withhold judgment. See Synonyms at keep.
2. To keep in check; restrain: I was unable to withhold my laughter.
3. To deduct (withholding tax) from an employee's salary.

[Middle English witholden : with, away from; see with + holden, to hold; see hold1.]

with·hold′er n.
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Noun1.withholding - the act of deducting from an employee's salary
subtraction, deduction - the act of subtracting (removing a part from the whole); "he complained about the subtraction of money from their paychecks"
revenue enhancement, tax, taxation - charge against a citizen's person or property or activity for the support of government
2.withholding - income tax withheld from employees' wages and paid directly to the government by the employer
income tax - a personal tax levied on annual income
pay as you earn, PAYE - the British system of withholding tax
3.withholding - the act of holding back or keeping within your possession or control; "I resented his withholding permission"; "there were allegations of the withholding of evidence"
holding, retention, keeping - the act of retaining something
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I have done a vast deal of this, but I have usually been aware that the book was subtly withholding from me the best a book can give, since I was not reading it for its own sake and because I loved it, but for selfish ends of my own, and because I wished to possess myself of it for business purposes, as it were.
The light of the half moon fell ghostly through the foliage of trees in spots and patches, revealing much that was unsightly, and the black shadows seemed conspiracies withholding to the proper time revelations of darker import.
Never would Edna Pontellier forget the shock with which she heard Madame Ratignolle relating to old Monsieur Farival the harrowing story of one of her accouchements, withholding no intimate detail.
11-2018 is the splitting of BIR Form 1604-CF (annual information return of income tax withheld on compensation and final withholding taxes) into BIR Form 1604-C for income taxes withheld on compensation and BIR Form 1604-F for final withholding taxes.
In the meantime, the existing list of top withholding agents of the large taxpayers' service, the regional and district offices will continue to do the chore unless delisted.
Under a key change made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) enacted in December 2017, the backup withholding tax rate dropped from 28 percent to 24 percent, effective Jan.
The workshop was attended by withholding agents of different private companies, officials of AGPR, and other KPRA officials.
According to officials, withholding tax collection from share transactions fell to Rs1.37 billion in FY18 against Rs2.23 billion in FY17, reports The News.
At the end of fiscal year 2017-18, the collection of withholding taxes stood at Rs1.047 trillion, which was equal to 71.8% of total direct tax collection last year, showed official documents.
payments to nonresident aliens are considered withholding agents.
CJP inquired ' how is withholding tax being charged on use of mobile phone.