without breakfast

without breakfast 
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"I'faith, colonel," said D'Artagnan, "we are very grateful for your gracious invitation; for without you we ran the risk of going without dinner, as we have without breakfast. My friend here, Monsieur du Vallon, shares my gratitude, for he was particularly hungry."
"And how," said Harrison, laughing, "did this serious calamity of going without breakfast happen to you?"
Once, soon after his arrival in London, he had allowed a dangerous fanatic to persuade him that the secret of health was to go without breakfast.
Without breakfast, the body suffers from lack of sugar resulting in energy loss, fatigue, weak focus, depression and slow response.
The physician, who noted breakfast is the most important meal of the day, said several children are sent to school without breakfast, leaving them sleepy, tired and less interested in the classroom.
The boy also disclosed he regularly went without breakfast and on the day of the visit had gone to a local shop, purchased a burger and cooked it unsupervised.
'They have packages with and without breakfast, and a variety of accommodations to choose from,' Hazel added.
BOTTOM LINE Rooms from PS108pn for a classic double, without breakfast.
After school she told me 'mummy, I wasn't allowed any breakfast.' I just imagined my daughter without breakfast, a child.
Knowing this should make us very concerned indeed for the children who begin their days without breakfast. This is not about their choice, but results from the struggles in many households to be able to afford food to give to children to eat before they go to school.
Every day I'd go without breakfast and by lunch was so hungry I'd scoff a sausage sandwich and four or five bags of crisps."