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 (wĭth′ē, wĭth′ē)
1. Made of or as flexible as withes; tough.
2. Wiry and agile.
n. pl. with·ies
1. A rope or band made of withes.
a. A long flexible twig, as that of an osier.
b. A tree or shrub having such twigs.

[withe + -y. N., from Middle English withye, willow branch, from Old English wīthig, willow; see wei- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl withies
1. (Forestry) a variant spelling of withe1, withe2
2. (Plants) a willow tree, esp an osier
3. (of people) tough and agile
4. rare resembling a withe in strength or flexibility
[Old English wīdig(e); related to Old Norse vīthir, Old High German wīda, Latin vītis vine, Sanskrit vītika fetter. See withe, wire]


(ˈwɪð i, ˈwɪθ i)

n., pl. with•ies, n.
1. a willow.
2. a pliable branch or twig, esp. a withe.
3. flexible.
[before 1000; Middle English; Old English wīthig; akin to withe, Old High German wīda, Old Norse vīthir, Greek ītéa willow, Latin vītis vine]
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Noun1.withy - strong flexible twig
branchlet, sprig, twig - a small branch or division of a branch (especially a terminal division); usually applied to branches of the current or preceding year
osier - flexible twig of a willow tree


[ˈwɪðɪ] Nmimbre m or f


n (= willow)Korbweide f; (= twig)Weide(nrute) f
References in classic literature ?
The stream is brimful now, and lies high in this little withy plantation, and half drowns the grassy fringe of the croft in front of the house.
Would you say `most,' I replied, when you consider that there is a further stage of the evil in which a man is not only a life-long litigant, passing all his days in the courts, either as plaintiff or defendant, but is actually led by his bad taste to pride himself on his litigiousness; he imagines that he is a master in dishonesty; able to take every crooked turn, and wriggle into and out of every hole, bending like a withy and getting out of the way of justice: and all for what?
Order intake for the year increased by 91% to SEK4,101m, as compared withy SEK2,144m in 2016, with organic growth of 7%.
13am: Officers helped a woman who had just fainted on Withy Grove | 01.
11(SUNA)- The President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir discussed in the Republican Palace Monday withy Secretary-General of the People's Congress Party(PCP), Dr Ali Al-Haj Mohamed ways of implementing the National Dialogue outcome and achievement of peace and development in the country .
Tenders are invited for Invitation to tender for improvement works phase 3, withy grove park, brindle road, bamber bridge
After fire crews retrieved the vehicle, Bob Withy, 66, was rushed to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford with life-threatening injuries.
In the 22nd minute Baba Cargo's Zaheer gave a timely pass to Ali who attempted on the goalpost withy firm shot and a faculty clearance by defender Waheed showed it the way into the goalpost.
As Withy shows, Heidegger's "uncanny" is not primarily a passing feeling as it was for analysts such Sigmund Freud.
Also, order intake for the quarter was up by 27% to SEK2,019m, as compared withy SEK1,592m in Q2 of the prior year.
Yn hyn, diddorol heddiw yw sylwi mai 60 mlynedd yn ol, ac i enwi ond rhai, roedd Union Castle ac Elder Dempster yn tradio gyda De Affrica - PSNC, Royal Mail Line, Blue Star, Houlder Bros a Furness Withy yn teithio i De America, y PLata a'r Ariannin - P&O, British India, Bibby Line, Orient Line, Shaw Saville, Canadian Pacific, Lamport & Holt, y Port a'r Clan Line yn brysur yn y Dwyrain a'r Dwyrain pell - ac heb anghofio'r Blue Funnel a'r Bank Line oedd i'w gweld bron yn bob man yn y byd - a bron y cyfan yn eu tro yn cyfri gweld yr arfordir 'ma fel cyrraedd adra.
RPS, which is also acting on behalf of Bishop Vesey Grammar School, says that a site jointly owned by the two organisations at Withy Hill Farm is suitable and deliverable.